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Philippines : Brown rice can prevent diabetes.

The FNRI-DOST has been promoting the consumption of brown rice, the kind that is minimally processed, with its bran still intact, a press release from DOST said.

Unlike white rice, which is almost purely carbohydrate, brown rice still contains dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, Charina Javier of FNRI said.

Quoting the study of nutrition scientist Dr. Trinidad Trinidad, she said brown rice has a low glycemic index (GI) of 50 compared to white rice at 75. Dietary fiber content of brown rice also helps make one feel full longer with lesser intake, she added.

These findings support the promotion of brown rice in diabetes management.

Javier said experts point out it is not rice per se but the kind and amount of rice that is important in preventing diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases.

In a Rice Consumption and Diabetes discussion during the Asia-Pacific conference in clinical Nutrition (APCCN) in Kuala Lumpur' Malaysia last January 2015, Dr.Shigeru Yamamoto from Japan and Dr. Christiani Jeyakumar Henry from the United Kingdom Henry concluded that the rising prevalence of diabetes cannot be blamed on a single food.

To answer the question Is rice to be blamed for rising diabetes? It can be gleaned from the experts that it is not rice per se that is the issue' but the kind and amount of rice.

In the light of these facts, FNRI urges Filipinos to choose brown rice and refuse "unli" rice, she said.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 16, 2015
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