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It's only appropriate that a seminar at LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia would feature projects from Philadelphia. Nine local facilities will be discussed during the course entitled, Energy Lighting Upgrades from Audit through Implementation-Case Studies in Philadelphia (Wednesday, April 24, 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.). Three buildings are on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania; the other six are neighbor-hood recreation centers operated by the city. All the projects combine luminaire upgrades and new controls. "It is difficult to get a payback for lighting upgrades if you do not include controls. Controls are the key," says Mary Alcaraz of EwingCole, who will join Margo Pietras Barnes of U Penn and Fredda Lippes of the City of Philadelphia to discuss the projects from the perspectives of the designer and owner.

Prior to the retrofi t, the buildings at U Penn were still using T12 lamps. Now, 28-W T8 long-life lamps "are the standard," says Alcaraz, with select use of LEDs. "We used LED flat panels in one lobby--they love it--and we have an LED retrofi t kit going in now that they are trying. We're also trying LED in a library with the Emerge Alliance DC ceiling grid." Controls are the other half of the equation. "The first three buildings in U Penn's lighting conversion master plan show varying approaches to control for buildings: localized, modular and building-wide." Finally, after installation of more efficient luminaires and controls comes the monitoring of actual energy use. "The buildings are metered and we are tracking the savings," Alcaraz adds.

The speakers will also discuss the first six neighborhood recreation centers retrofitted under a city plan to save energy. "Recreation centers are a high user of electricity due to the lights for the sports fields, and to a lesser degree, due to the lack of interior automated lighting controls," says Alcaraz. The majority of the recreation centers had already retrofitted T12s to T8s in the late 1990s. Now LEDs have been introduced along with wireless controls. Three of the six sites have begun benchmarking prior energy savings to current use, with project installed feeder-based metering and monitoring.

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