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Philadelphia Society offers paper on polyester polyols.

The December meeting of the Philadelphia Society featured a technical talk on "Use of Dimerate Polyester Polyol in Polyurethane Coatings." Given by Bill McNamee, of Uniqema, the presentation began with a description of the production of polyester polyols. The benefits of using large hydrocarbon (C36) chain dimerized dimer acids to produce polyester polyols were detailed. Polyurethanes formed with these polyester polyols reportedly offer excellent resistance against moisture, chemicals, heat, oxidation, and radiation.

According to the speaker, studies compared polyurethanes made with these polyester polyols versus other polyols such as hexane diol adipates, polycaprolactone, hexane diol carbonate, PTMEG, PPG, and polybutadiene diols. One part polyol was reacted wtih 3.1 parts pure MDI and two parts butane diol in this study. The urethanes were reacted using the prepolymer method. Moisture, hydrolysis, radiation, oxidation, chemical and weather resistance, and heat stability testing were all performed. The measurement of physical properties including modulus, tensile strength, elongation, Shore A hardness, and [T.sub.g] were conducted. In most cases, the dimerized fatty acid products produced physical properties better to or equal to the above mentioned competitive grades, Mr. McNamee stated.

--Brian Boorman, Philadelphia Society President Elect
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Title Annotation:Society News
Author:Boorman, Brian
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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