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Philadelphia Society announces presentations and speakers for May 2008 green chemistry symposium.

The Technical Committee of the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology has announced the program for its upcoming symposium on "Green Chemistry and Its Effect on Waterborne Industrial and Architectural Coatings." The symposium, scheduled for May 6-7, 2008, will be held at Williamson Restaurant in Horsham, PA.

The following presentations and speakers will be featured.

Tuesday, May 6

"Green Chemistry and Entropic Control in Coatings Materials and Processes"--John Warner, The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

"Role of Mildewcide in Yellow Discolorization of Latex Paints"--Lakshmi Sadasivan, Rohm and Haas Company

"Blending Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene and Acrylic Latexes to Achieve Targeted Performance Properties"--Wenjun Wu, Dow Chemical Company

"Aspects of Latex Particle Size Control for Improved Water Blush"--Scott Harvey, Ashland Specialty Chemical

A one-day trade show will be presented at the same time as the lecture series in an adjacent area featuring 50 booths. There will be no charge to attend the show. The tradeshow will be be held on Tuesday, May 6, from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Wednesday, May 7

"Green Chemistry and Architectural Coatings"--Alvin Lavoie, Rohm and Haas Company

"Surfactant-Free, Aqueous, Acrylic Dispersions for Plastic Coatings"--Kelly Smith, Nuplex Resins

"Formulating Coatings with Silver Based Antimicrobial: A Systematic Approach"--Kurt Davidson, Ciba Specialty Chemical

"Coatings Rheology and Coating Flows"--Richard Eley, ICI Paints

"Formulating for Optimum Rheology in Tinted Waterborne Coatings"--Bree Sorrell, Rohm and Haas Company

"Low-VOC High Performance 2K Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings"--Xiaodong Wu, Rhodia

"Low-VOC Coatings for Use in Industrial Maintenance Painting"--Leo Procopio, Rohm and Haas Company

"Advanced Polymer Emulsions with Enhanced Titanium Dioxide Efficiency in Paint Formulations"--Subu Natesan, BASF

For more information and an electronic copy of the symposium brochure, contact Wayne Kraus at To exhibit, contact Sam Firestone at To register and to access hotel information, contact Cathy Pinto at
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