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Phelps is golden.

Last month, U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps did what no other athlete in any sport has ever achieved: He won eight gold medals in a single Olympics. Viewers of the Summer Games in Beijing, China, called him the greatest athlete in Olympic history. "In my opinion, we'll never see it again," Grant Hackett, a swimmer on Australia's Olympic team, said of Phelps's feat.


Phelps, 23, already has his sights on the 2012 Summer Olympics. But he has a more immediate goal in mind: "to change the sport of swimming" and raise its profile around the world. "I think it can go even farther," he told reporters. "I don't want this sport to be an every-four-years sport."

Phelps, who was diagnosed with an attention-deficit disorder as a child, has inspired many youngsters to sign up for swimming lessons. What advice does he have for them? "If you dream as big as you can dream," Phelps said, "anything is possible."
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