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Phat beats.

In Chula Vista news, Tommy "Die Trying" Sandovai purchased a car with his first Fallen photo incentive check, a Dodge 6000 Turbo Convertible. Though the $900 gem has shown a propensity to overheat at times, the stereo works perfectly, provided you punch the steering wheel every so often.

Will family values interdict the rather salacious edge of the Hubba cartel? The rumor of certain Hubba supermodels' alleged video appearances have been widely traded about the Web. The SOTY performances of Sean Chen, Isabella, Vern Laird, Crystal, Doctor Woo, Bianca and Tony Vitello only served to fuel the fire. It is said Schmitty has video evidence of TV and Chenzo's piss fest all over the front porch of a well-known San Francisco mansion. Was Hubba logic responsible for ordering the stretch limo's drive on the lawn? Or was the blur effect such that the team celebrants actually thought the well-manicured estate's grounds was a forest suitable for immediate bladder relief? Despite Tony's protestations that it was coincidental, some notoriously beautiful Hubba models were also next door to the SOTY's American Hall entertaining a slew of friends in the upper tier of O'Farrell's. Will a Hubba sex tape scandal spell the end or will the boys add yet another heavy hitter to the already stacked lineup and wreak more performance havoc?
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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