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Phase equilibria data for electronic ceramics published.

The first volume of a collection of phase diagrams focused on the increasingly important field of electronic ceramics was presented to the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) at its annual meeting in April 2003. The new volume details the phase equilibria of dielectric Ti, Nb, and Ta oxide systems. More than 1100 diagrams are presented along with commentaries for each system written by knowledgeable associate editors.

The new volume is part of the acclaimed series, Phase Equilibria Diagrams (known formerly as Phase Diagrams for Ceramists) produced jointly by NIST and ACerS. The NIST/ACerS collaboration began in 1933 and has continued without interruption. This effort has produced 13 regular volumes, three general supplemental volumes, and four special topical volumes (two on high temperature superconductors, one on zirconium and zirconia systems, and the new volume on electronic ceramics). Overall, the series encompasses systems containing oxides; salts; semiconductor elements; borides, carbides, and nitrides for structural ceramics; high temperature superconductors; and electronic ceramics.

In addition to the new volume, a new cumulative index was presented to the society to serve as a guide to the 13 volumes, the annuals, and the special topical volumes. Further information may be found on the Web site of the American Ceramic Society at

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Title Annotation:General Developments
Publication:Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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