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Pharmaceutical Companies Can Benefit From Moving in the Direction of Adopting an Enterprise-Wide CRM Strategy.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: Taking CRM to the Next Level: Web-assisted Relationship and Community-building for the Pharmaceutical Industry to their offering.

CRM is a business strategy by which a company seeks to maximize the value of its products by managing the customer relationship, with specific aims to boost customer retention and increase market share, while reducing the costs of sales, marketing and customer fulfillment. CRM is made necessary because of advances in Web-enabled technologies, which have changed the dynamics of sales and marketing.

Scope of this title:

-- Insight into how the view of CRM as a solely sales, marketing or fulfillment strategy is flawed and contributes to unrealistic expectations

-- Identification of the leading CRM vendors in the pharmaceutical industry

-- A discussion of how pharmaceutical companies can benefit from moving in the direction of adopting an enterprise-wide CRM strategy

-- Analysis of how online communities can be leveraged to improve CRM strategies

Highlights of this title:

-- CRM is not an out of the box software solution that can instantaneously recoup losses due to cutbacks in sales force and media saturation. CRM is instead a constantly evolving reassessment of the relative value of relationships with target groups and effectiveness of the mediums used to communicate with them.

-- The greatest demand on pharmaceutical CRM infrastructure is the ability to cover multiple touch points across a diverse customer base. In this respect, the pharmaceutical industry is unlike any other, faced with a wide and varied array of customers, each of whom interact to varying degrees and at various levels.

-- Predictive analytics are the most challenging aspect of any CRM strategy, but also potentially the most rewarding. Online communities can play a role in developing a successful predictive CRM strategy by enabling companies to monitor the evolving thought processes of their customers.

Reasons to order your copy:

-- Identify how the pharmaceutical industry is evolving beyond traditional sales and marketing strategies toward enterprise-wide CRM

-- Understand how CRM can move beyond managing customer relationships towards community building and support

-- Evaluate key vendors and how they are shaping the future of pharmaceutical CRM






An Introduction to the role of CRM in the pharmaceutical industry

Analytical and Operational CRM

Regulatory constraints and the nature of the products sold make pharmaceutical CRM unique

Defining the "C" in CRM for the pharmaceutical vertical

The "R" in CRM does not stand for "ROI"...

...but ROI cannot be ignored

"Management" means much more than it used to

Dropping the "e" in eCRM

The view of CRM as a solely a sales, marketing or customer fulfillment strategy is flawed and contributes to unrealistic expectations and shortfalls in implementation

Drivers and resistors of CRM

CRM and the pharmaceutical sales force

CRM and marketing to key target groups

CRM and customer fulfillment

Customer fulfillment online: providing eSamples to physicians and consumers

CRM as a holistic business solution, rather than as a sales, marketing or fulfillment solution

The leading CRM vendors in the pharmaceutical vertical will combine industry experience with a focus on technology and functionality that meets specific needs rather than hard to define ROI targets

The Vendor Landscape

The Market Leader

Oracle (including PeopleSoft & Siebel Systems)

Case Studies: Novartis looks to Siebel for a CRM solution

Runners up






In the future, the focus of CRM will move beyond managing customer relationships towards community-building and support

Online Communities as a Tool of CRM

At a minimum, pharmaceutical companies should be using online communities as a market research tool

Greater lessons to be learned from online communities


List of Figures

Definitions and abbreviations


Extended methodology

Our eHealth Physician Insight Survey 2005

Our eHealth Consumer Insight Survey 2005

Ask the analyst

List of Figures

For more information visit

Source: Datamonitor
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Date:Jan 19, 2007
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