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Pharma industry provides essential services.

1. Import of Finished Drugs, which are being produced locally or can be manufactured should be De-Registered without any further loss of time. This will not only add to the development of Pharma Industry but will also save Huge amount of Foreign Exchange which is being drained out unnecessarily. Mr. Khan said "It is a national crime to allow import of such drugs" and demanded the concerned authorities to DE-REGISTER THESE DRUGS IMMEDIATELY. At the same time he requested the PPMA members to approach the Ministry of Health for De-Registration voluntarily.

2. Multinational Companies, should not be allowed to manufacture "METOO" products which they are not manufacturing in their OWN COUNTRIES. They should manufacture only their specialities and the government should encourage MNC's to manufacture basic Raw Material in addition to their own medicine which will help considerably for the growth of National units which presently incurring heavy losses and are at the verge of closure. To a question Mr. Khan said that as a member of PPMA Family MNC's should behave like Elder Brothers and should not HARM their younger brothers by manufacturing Metoo products. Mr. Khan appealed all MNC's to discontinue the preparation of these products in the larger interest of Pharmaceutical Industry.

3. Price Control, the ever increasing cost of Raw Material, Packaging Material, Wages, Utilities and depreciating Pak rupee have resulted in continuous loss to the Industry. The government is actively considering to deregulate the prices thus generating healthy competition among the Manufacturer's, which will bring down the prices to a reasonable limit and shortage of life saving drugs and other medicines can also be effectively controlled. Mr. Khan emphasized the need for immediate approval of the De-Control proposal pending for a long time.

4. For Improvement of Current Goods Manufacturing Procedure CGMP), the Government should allow import of Duty Free Machinery like other Industries involved in Export. Mr. Khan emphasized that "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing" should be considered on Top Priority. Pharma Industry should not be subjected to labour laws, because in presence of such Laws effective control on production and administration can not be maintained which is vital for Productivity, GMP and quality assurance.

Mr. A. Haseeb Khan is the Chief Executive of Brookes Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited. He is also the Chairman of PPMA, Sindh and Balochistan Region for the year 1992-93. Mr. Khan in an interview expressed his deep concern about the various problems the Pharma Industry is facing for years and appealed the Ministry of Health to take immediate measures to save this ailing Industry from a complete disaster. If not resolved henceforth, he added, the Health problems will reach to the point of No Return. Mr. Khan is confident for a dramatic positive change in overall situation of this Industry provided MOH and other related Ministries treat "Pharmaceutical" Essential Service. He highlighted only four basic problems which are inter-linked and if resolved, can save the Pharma Industry to a greater extent.
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Author:Khan, Haseeb
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Aug 1, 1992
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