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PharmEvo signs an MOU with BIDE for Digitalizing Scientific Studies by Electronic Data Capture system.

PharmEvo a leading national pharmaceutical company of Pakistan known for its ethical marketing practices and keen interest in Research has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE) at Baqai Medical University for Digitalizing Scientific Studies by Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. The formal signing ceremony held at BIDE on April 20th 2019 was attended by Prof. Abdul Basit from BIDE and Syed Jamshed Ahmad Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals. Prof. Asher Fawad Director Research at BIDE, Dr.Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo besides many faculty members from BIDE were also present on this occasion.

In his welcome address Prof. Abdul Basit said that they started this journey twenty three years ago with a mission to develop a research culture in Pakistan. We started with a one room research department. We then came to know that we were not the only one but there were quite a few other people as well who shared our vision and were keen to promote research culture in the country. Syed Jamshed Ahmad from PharmEvo promised to fund the working of the whole research department and over the years BIDE has been able to create its impact in the research field at home and overseas. The submission of forty eight abstracts at the last IDF conference, the largest number from any single institution, is a testimony of BIDE's commitment and contribution to research. eTrials is a new thing and we all need to learn these new research tools to keep ourselves abreast with latest developments which will help us in our research work, he added.

Dr. Masood Jawaid highlighted the importance of eTrials software and its salient features. He pointed out that when research is being conducted at different centers, this facility enables to capture data from all the centers which is transferred to one site for better monitoring. It is also a requirement now as it makes the research work easy. We have developed this State of the Art facility which enables monitoring of the research sites, users, monitors, principal investigator, and data entry operators. It ensures confidentiality as well and the whole data is only accessible to the principal investigator. It has complete transparency, keeps the information for even drop outs, failure in follow up etc. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) which is now a requirement is inbuilt in this system. The DASH board will improve your efficiency. We will train the BIDE faculty on how to use this system. Dr. Anum will be involved in the hands on training for utilizing this facility.

The data will also be automatically transferred on the SPSS built in this system.

Syed Jamshed Ahmad speaking on this occasion remarked that research has always remained a passion with PharmEvo. We believe and practice ethical marketing. Relationships between the Pharma industry and the medical profession are seen very skeptically by the society and the media because of rampant unethical practices. We in PharmEvo has always strived to uphold professional ethics. There are companies who believe in purchasing the conscience of healthcare professionals to increase their sales by influencing their prescribing practices. If about 20% budget of the seven hundred pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan, is judiciously utilized for marketing including promotion of research activities, it can make a huge difference, he remarked.

The meeting was moderated by Prof. Asher Fawad who hoped that after proper training of the faculty on this system, the research outcome of BIDE will be much better. eTrials is part of Clinision (Research for Confident Decisions) an entity established by PharmEvo.
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Publication:Pulse International
Date:May 15, 2019
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