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PharmEvo Thematic Calendar 2016 highlights important message from last sermon from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Byline: Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Keeping up its past traditions PharmEvo has published its Thematic Calendar 2016 which has been named as Charter for Humanity" and it is based on the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Eminent religious scholars who were members of the research team and under whose guidance the contents of this Calendar were finalized include Prof. Anis Ahmad Vice Chancellor of Rifah University Islamabad who is also founder of International Islamic University Islamabad, Maulana Noorullah from Al-Jamiatul Ilmia Islamia Pakistan, Mufti Owais Pasha Qarni from Quran Academy Karachi and noted research scholar Khawja Razi Haider. As usual the designing of this calendar is the masterpiece of famous artist Mr. Yousuf Tanveer.

After careful study and discussions amongst themselves the research team has selected twelve pearls of wisdom which can be termed as the salient features from the last Sermon by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which was delivered on 9-10 th Zil-Hajj at Arafat near Jablul Rehmat in the presence of over one lac twenty four thousand people which included the companions of the Prophet.

These twelve messages have been split one on each page of calendar covering whole year so that this message is seen and remains under discussion throughout the year.

The first page highlights the importance of respect for life and property. The quotation from Sahih Bukhari says O people, Listen well to my words, for I do not know if I am ever going to meet you again on such an occasion after this year.

Verily Allah has declared your blood and your properties sacred to one another like the sanctity of this day of yours, in this month of hours, in this town of yours". The second page reminds the importance of being the righteous the yardstick to measure Fazeelat.

The prophet (PBUH) said the Allah Almighty says, O Mankind, we have created you from a male and female and made you into families and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is that who is the most righteous of you". Mujam-e-Kabeer Importance of piety (Taqwa) has been highlighted on page three of the calendar covering the month of March. O People Verily your Lord is one and verily your father is one.

Behold. Neither is an Arab superior to a Non-Arab, nor is a Non-Arab superior to an Arab. Neither is a white superior to a black, nor is a black superior to a white, except on the basis of piety. Verily, the most honourable of you in the sight of Allah is that who is the most righteous of you. Shu'abulEmaan Guidance on Interest and Blood revenge has been covered on page four.

Behold All the blood revenges, property claims and the days of ignorance are trampled under my feet till the Day of Judgment. Behold all the interests and usurious dues accruing from the days of ignorance are remitted. However, you own your equity capital".

Musnad-e-Ahmed Treatment of women and their rights have been covered on page five. I enjoin good treatment of women, your women have some of your rights over them, and you have some of their rights over you. Muslim is the one by whose words and hands other Muslims are safe". Ibn-e-Maja, Tirmizi The issue of Inheritance has been covered on page six .O people Allah, the Mighty and Exalted, has ordained to everyone his due share of inheritance. Hence there is no need of special testament of an heir.

The child belongs to the marriage bed."Tirmizi Endowments and loan are discussed on page seven. It has two quotations. The first one is taken from Musnad-e-Ahmed and it says Whoever holds an entrusted good must return it to its rightful owner." The second quotation is from Tirmizi and it says The borrowed is to be returned, the endowments is to be refunded and the debt is to be repaid, and the guarantor is responsible".

The importance of punishment for crime is highlighted on page eight. This is again a quotation from Tirmizi and it says Behold None commits a crime but against himself, neither the father causes some offend for his son by his crime nor the son does so. Behold Indeed the Muslim is the brother of other Muslim, so the property of his brother is not lawful for a Muslim except what he permits". How to deal and treat the subordinates and servants is explained in the message like this The Prophet (PBUH) on the occasion of the last Hajj said Beware about your servants (thrice), feed them with the food that you eat, clothe them with such clothing as you wear. I advise you of good treatment with your neighbors (Musnad-e-Ahmad, Mujam-e-Kabeer).

Finality of Prophet Hood is highlighted on page ten O people I have left among you a thing that if you remain attached to it, you will never go astray i.e the Book of Allah. There is no prophet after me and there is no Ummah after you". Tirmizi, Mujam-e-Kabeer Transgression in religion which destroyed many Nations in the past is reminded on page eleven. It says And beware of transgressing the limits, for it was the transgression in the religion that destroyed previous nations.

And Satan will be pleased in matters you may be disposed to think insignificant, so beware in your matters of religion". (Ibn e Maja, Jami Kabeer) Lastly the conditions for admission to Paradise have been highlighted on page twelve. Worship your lord, offer prayers five times a day, observe fast in the month of Ramadan, pay Zakat out of your wealth and obey your Ameer; and you will be admitted to the paradise of your Lord. Then he said, let him that is present convey it unto him who is absent, for many people of those who hear the message are more mindful than the conveyer".

Musnad-e-Ahmed Now if one carefully analyzes the above it shows that this sermon covers almost all the important issues the mankind is confronted with and it offers a solution to most of our problems which we are facing today including terrorism. If we the Muslims start practicing all this in our daily lives, it will be a much better world worth living. One of the beauty of this calendar is that the symbols and drawings used is so meaningful and relevant to the subject being discussed in that particular message that Mr. Yousuf Tanveer deserve to be commended of his thoughts and imagination.

Since the Holy Prophet Muhammad in his last Sermon had repeatedly asked that those who are present must convey this message to those who are not present today, leadership of PharmEvo and the research team deserve to be complimented for having selected this topic. Using the medium of Calendar, they have tried to spread this message which has increased the importance of this Calendar manifold and it is going to be preserved by many who are fortunate to get it because this message is for all times to come.

If this was not enough, PharmEvo leadership after having spent huge amount on the designing and production of this Calendar also decided to formally launch it in major cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Multan, Lahore and RawalpindiIslamabad. Apart from selected members of the medical profession, eminent religious scholars were invited as guest speakers who shared their views and deliberated at length on the salient features of this last sermon from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This also offered an opportunity for many to attend these sessions and thus benefit from the pearls of wisdom from this Khutba Hajjatul Wida. The first such launch meetings was organized at Karachi on December 7, 2015. Dr. Iqbal Ahmad from PharmEvo moderated this session. In his introductory remarks he disclosed that PharmEvo has so far published twenty six books as well. It has been PharmEvo's mission to lay emphasis on healthy society from the very beginning. This is the sixteenth year of continuous Calendar publication with a special theme every year. This year's topic is Charter for Humanity based on Khutba Hajjatul Wida.

Mr. Haroon Qassim Managing Director of PharmEvo in his welcome address said that Quran was the God's Book, divine inspiration by Prophet sent it to us with a message. It is a Charter for Humanity. Continuing Mr. Haroon Qassim made a passionate appeal to all those present saying that it was a testing time for the Muslims. Hence we must read it and practice it. We are not doing it at present though it is our duty. Addressing the employees from PharmEvo present in the meeting, he said, Let us start from PharmEvo. Try to bring some change in our lives.

We can do lot of things based on these principles in this Sermon. Let us see what role we can play in such a situation. He then referred to the recent devastating floods in Chennai in India which resulted in 250 dead and many injured. Muslims helped those in need. He then read some Messages posted by non-Muslims on social media and face book. One of the messages on face book said, We never gave house on rent to Muslims but now when we needed they have provided us shelters in mosques and in their homes.

Let us see there is no other incident like Babri Mosque again." Another message on Face book said Young boys with beard are doing commendable job helping others in a situation in which many others are reluctant. I am looking at them how they pray and I am also praying to God behind them." These are something which never come in the print or electronic media, Mr. Haroon Qassim stated.

Theme of this year's Calendar, he said, was difficult. Our intentions are good. We have tried to make sure that there is no mistake but still if there are any shortcomings we take full responsibility and seek forgiveness from God Almighty. He also commended the researchers and religious scholars who produced this Calendar and PharmEvo team headed by Syed Jamshed Ahmad for making it all possible.

Syed Jamshed Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer PharmEvo in his speech said that this last sermon by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) known as Charter for Humanity is the culmination of ten months efforts. He then shared a heart tearing story of barbarism which was related to an incident which occurred on. Sept. 30 th 2015 inAzeem Park area of Lahore. This was one of the darkest days in history of mankind when Father and son killed a 13 years old girl Aneeqa and her only fault was that they did not like the round shape of the bread she had made.

So what is the difference in pre Islamic and post Islamic era, he asked

Such things used to happen in pre Islamic era frequently. The answer to all this is in Moral behaviour, Aswa Husna and then recited the following couplet: It was a difficult decision to select this topic for various reasons. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to practice what he preached. This sermon was the first ever declaration of human rights. It encompasses lot of things, end animosity, lawlessness, and injustices. We have selected 12 pearls from this sermon. We in PharmEvo has always played our part irrespective of the results to achieve our mission which was to build healthier society.

Health means social, educational, environmental and spiritual health. We had a purpose beyond profits. We worked with this mission. We hear about spurious substandard drugs. We are in a business which deals with human life. It needs spiritual insight, ethical guidelines then you won't indulge in such acts. We believe and practice this and the result is that we have now achieved 24th position in 800 companies. We did not compromise on ethical standards. We support society and not the individuals.

Then a Video of last calendars was also screened to refresh the memory of those present which also introduced the Calendar 2016 and the message it carries. Unveiling ceremony of this Calendar was fantastic as it also covered the glimpses from Harmain Shareef i.e. Khana Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabvi and mountains where Ghare Hira is located. Kh. Razi Haider a noted researcher who has played a vital role in the production of this Calendar in his brief speech remarked that it was a revolutionary sermon which attracted many people. It was miracle of prophet hood. It was message for all times to come. He thanked his colleagues in the research team and specially commended Mr. Ibrahim Qasim Chairman of PharmEvo for his foresight and contributions.

Prof. Tahir Hussain a noted physician speaking at the occasion appreciated the philosophy of thinking beyond profit and loss for the benefit of mankind. It is the best calendar produced by PharmEvo so far. He opined that our own actions have destroyed the image of the Muslims. Islam brings a message of Peace for the World. Prof. Mohammad Ishaq an eminent cardiologist sharing his views said thatPharmEvo has always followed new directions to promote knowledge and education. Selection of theme for this year's Calendar was very important. We are happy to have this charter but most of us do not know about it. We do not practice it as individuals and as a Nation.

Many consultants' postgraduates are not aware of this message. He suggested that it should be included in our curriculum. We talk about human rights, UN charter but it was the best Charter. Caliphates told us how to govern. He suggested that their sermons can be selected as the Theme for the next year's Calendar. He concluded his speech by reciting the following couplet from Poet Allama Mohammad Iqbal: Prof I.A. Jokhio an eminent orthopaedic surgeon was the next speaker. He pointed out that what our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said in this sermon if we follow a part of it and practice it, we will become much better Muslims.

This last sermon should be in every Muslim House. The perfectness of this message, the height and depth of this message inspired me the most. If we read it carefully it will have some impact. It was for the whole mankind which can benefit from this. Now I will memorize it and use it whenever I get a chance to speak at such meetings and will quote from it. It says a lot for the humanity, he added. He recalled that when I was seven years old before partition and my mother was in chronic pain perhaps colic pain, we called Dr. Hira Lal a famous physician of Sukkur in those days.

He gave some injection and the pain was gone. It was then that I decided that I will become a doctor and relieve pains and sufferings of people. After becoming a doctor I dedicated my life to the care of sick and then went to UK at a young age and specialized in orthopedics. I found orthopedics very rewarding as I can help many patients in pain to provide them relief from agony. Make people happy and keep them better."

Mr. Aneeq Ahmad a wellknown literary figure and host of religious programme on one of the TV channels was the next speaker. He said that it was heartening to note that there are people who think positive and try to help people. Copies of this last sermon should be found in each and every house. Let us ensure its extensive distribution. Prophet lived for 13 years in Makkah. He faced lot of sufferings but did not retaliate. There were only few Muslims at that time. Then when he went to Madina, message came that now you can take revenge from those who harm you. So we saw various Battles like Badar, Uhad, and Khundaq etc.

In those days many Mushrakeen also performed hajj. Then when next year Hazrat Abu Baker became leader of Hajj delegation, he sent a message through Hazrat Ali that from now onward no Mushriq will be allowed to perform Hajj. In his last Sermon Prophet did not address the Muslims but the mankind as a whole. Now our Nation is divided into various schools of thoughts. We need Taqwa and a change of mindset. There was invitation, Hurmat, look after your servants but are we doing the same. Be kind to your domestic servants are we following it, he asked.

It is sayings of our Prophet. Take no revenge. Purify the economy as well. He said do away with interest and first he forgave the interest of his own tribe. What we see on the media is a conspiracy against the Muslims. Credit should be paid but we have defaulters most of them from affluent class. Sermon says take care of the women but we do not give them their rights. No exaggeration is allowed in Deen but what is happening now is by few selfish people with their own personal agenda.

Maulana Shujauddin Sheikh a noted Islamic Scholar in his speech said that coming here provided him Roohani Taskeen. We all know Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something but for many there is always some material benefits before them but this is not the case with PharmEvo. This provides spiritual satisfaction. They are different. Now it will be difficult to select topic next year. He suggested that let us discuss this message once or twice daily and read it five to ten times during the first 12 days of Rabiul Awal. It should be read and let us all practice it. Healthier society means society which is also spiritually healthy which was also very important. This calendar conveys it all, and important points from the sermon has been highlighted. Deen was completed. One lac twenty five thousand people including his companions were present to listen this sermon. This message should be disseminated.

As pointed out by Mr. Aneeq Ahmad now we even commercialize good deeds. Look at the way Ramzan programmes are run by the TV channels.

Islam, he said, is not a religion but it offers a complete way of life. It covers personal life, economic, political systems as well. For Razae-Ellahi do read it, and then convey it to others as well. It was his command to those present. He further stated that he knew the two top defaulters of Pakistan who have a miserable family life. Family life, he felt, should be or could be another important topic for calendar. Family values have been destroyed in the West and some of its effects are also seen in Pakistan these days. We need to take note of it as well, he added.

Dr. Noor Ahmad Shahtaz Director Sheikh Zayed Center, Karachi addressing the participants stated that lot of preparations were made for this Hajj. Prophet Muhammad also took his all wives with him. It was a message that takes care of your spouses. Let us remember accountability and if we believe God is looking at it what we are doing all the time, then we will save ourselves from committing lot of sins.

Prophet Muhammad had Ajizi and Inkisari, the way he was seeking forgiveness. He commended efforts of the PharmEvo team and also supported selecting sermons of Caliphs as Theme for the next year's Calendar. If it is decided, he promised to extend all possible help to them. He also suggested that this sermon should be included in the curriculum particularly of English medium schools as in Urdu medium schools it is found in some way. Let us take care of our soul as well because spiritual health is very important, otherwise it remains a dead body once there is no soul. Service to humanity should be our motto, he concluded.

Meeting at Multan

The second meeting in this series was organized at Multan on December 9 th 2015 and I was fortunate to have been invited by PharmEvo leadership to join them in this journey. Here Hafiz Abdul Qayum earned the privilege of recitation from Holy Quran followed by welcome address by Mr. Haroon Qassim Managing Director of PharmEvo. Mr. Haroon Qassim said that they try to convey some message through Calendar every year. We have tried to add value to Calendar. At present we as Muslims are at the crossroad of history. We did not follow message in Quran. We can take this message and bring change in our life. Look into its message and then analyze the current situation. We are ourselves responsible for the current state of affairs. By our deeds let us show the world that Islam is a religion of Peace.

Syed Jamshed Ahmed COO PharmEvo said that it was our responsibility to follow all this and ensure that our people are on the right path so that they are successful. It is our responsibility to convey them the message, share this message in the calendar with your family members. If we do right things change will come. We in PharmEvo follow ethical marketing and are one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan. Details of all the Calendars published by PharmEvo so far are available on the website Kh Razi Haider in his speech said that this Calendar was an educational document. He also recalled other academic and literary contributions of PharmEvo ever since its inception which makes it a different pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Tariq Abbas Consultant Cardiologist from CPE Institute of Cardiology Multan said that PharmEvo did the right thing to split the message into 12 months so that it remains under discussion the whole year. It will help them in this world and the world there after.

Prophet Muhammad had asked those present has he conveyed them the message of God. When people said Yes, then he ordered them to spread it to those who were not present.

Prof. Huma Qudussi HOD Dept. of Obs and Gynae at Nishtar Medical College said that it was very difficult to accomplish such a thing because it is a different type of Calendar. We have over looked this message so far. We need to focus on these things. We should all know it. It is our duty being Muslims we should know all about it. He asked PharmEvo to continue such efforts in future as well as it will have an everlasting effect though the change is slow. Prof. Qaiser Mahmood said it was astonishing for him why a pharmaceutical company is doing all this. It is a miraculous combination of Dua and Dawa Credit for all this goes to PharmEvo team.

Let us follow what Prophet Muhammad had said and did. He then recited the following couplet of late revolutionary poet Habib Jalib: Prof. Ghulam Haider Qaiserani consultant orthopaedic surgeon in his brief address said that it was our duty to disseminate this message.

Mr. Abdul Jabbar Mufti former President of Multan Press Club opined that this calendar will be forever not for one year. Keep it close to your heart and on walls. We all need to do something to regain the glorious past of the Muslims.

Prof. Abdul Qaddus Sohaib an eminent religious scholar in his speech said that Quran was the best book. It provides micro and macro level guidance. Quran says Rabal-Almeen which means that it not only for Muslims only. Prophet Muhammad was God's deputy sent to guide the mankind. He was a combination of Wisdom and Danish. Only Quran can guide us. It offer solution to our problems including economic ones. We should read and follow it. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his sermon near Jablul Rehmat said that he was leaving behind two things i.e. Al- kitab and Sunnah. Keep it and follow it otherwise you will suffer.

Continuing Prof. Abdul Qaddus said that Let us pledge that we will read Quran and its message, and then practice it in our life. Prophet Muhammad lived for 22 years nine months after prophet hood and offered practical picture of Quran. He said give up hatred and jealousybut it is rampant in our society these days No new laws need to be enacted for all this. Addressing the PharmEvo leadership he said that God has selected you for this noble task. It is a message for the whole humanity. If we follow these teachings, Depression and differences in society will finish. It is Taqwa which makes us different.

Continuing he recalled that after Fateh Makkah Akrama's wife, daughter in law of Abu Jahal requested to forgive her husband who had run away to Yemen. He was a Sardar hence did not want to surrender. Please forgives him. Prophet Muhammad said, asks him to come and see me in Madina. I have forgiven him and also advised his companions not to say anything to him. I have forgiven him hence give him respect when he comes. He came and became Muslim. Prophet Muhammad then gave him important jobs and assignments.

Prophet Muhammad said, Insan Ka Mall and Jan and isszat is more important than Khane Khuda. If we follow this it will bring peace in the world and in Pakistan at least. When he said do away with interest, he also abolished interest which his own family member Hazrat Abbas owed from people. That is how he showed the way for humanity. He urged those present to follow Sunnah. It is conclusion of 23 years of Prophet's life. He lived a very simple life, finished inequality. Showed love for mankind and humanity. Let us all follow this and it will become a source of our forgiveness, he concluded.

Launch meeting at Lahore

Third meeting in this series was organized at Lahore on December 10 th 2015 where Mr. Sajjad Mir a noted journalist was the main speaker. Hafiz Abdul Rehamn from PharmEvo recited verses from Holy Quran to formally start the meeting. Dr. Iqbal who moderated the session spoke about the purpose of the meeting while Mr. Haroon Qassim Managing Director of PharmEvo welcomed the speakers and the participants. He further stated that PharmEvo believes in marketing with some objective and we are doing all this to bring a healthy change in the society. Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo said that Islam was a comprehensive course of social life. It calls for an end to enmity, lawlessness, injustice, oppression and all these issues have been adequately addressed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his last sermon.

Kh. Razi Haider addressing the participants said that we are not practicing Islamic teachings even in our everyday life. We should try to regain our Azmat-eRafta (the glorious past). Theme of this year's Calendar as usual was selected after consultation in the research team including leadership of PharmEvo which always respects the wishes of the majority in all such issues. It is important that before one start ordering, one must learn to behave and obey, he added.

Prof. Seemi Hussain, Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology said that it is not so easy to accomplish such a gigantic task of publishing a Thematic Calendar. Women, she said, should get recognition and respect. The tragedy of Lahore as described by Syed Jamshed Ahmad leading to the death of a young girl is tragic and it happened in our society for which we are all responsible. My association with PharmEvo is because I am interested in research and they always supported me whenever I asked for any help and assistance in this regard. Last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also covers all the social aspects. She commended the efforts of all those behind production of this Calendar. Dr. Rashid Ahmad Consultant Physician, Faculty member of Shalimar Hospital said that the Sayings of Prophet cover all Zabita-e-Hayat.

Prof. Arshad Chohan, Obstetrician and Gynecologist speaking in a lighter vein referred to the absence of female among the audience as by that time even Prof. Seemi Hussain had also left, said that this was the first meeting he was addressing in his professional career in which there are no women and it is all men. He further stated that time is asset and we do not respect time. We do not live in present but look for future. We must see what is needed today and if we fail here, future is not going to be ours. Multinational pharmaceutical companies used to follow ethical marketing but now many national companies are coming forward with major share of Pharma market and they should follow ethical marketing practices.

However, unfortunately the situation is bad. Marketing practices are changing. It is the duty of the leadership in the Pharma industry to look into this. Human life is a trust; let us not compromise on it. Pharma industry must see what is the need of our country People believe in myths more than reality. We need to create awareness about health. PharmEvo has always helped me in creating awareness among patients, he added.

Continuing Prof. Chohan referred to Prophet's last sermon related to attitude with subordinates and juniors. He reminded the PharmEvo leadership that 1332 families are dependent on you. Support them and look after the interests of your employees. He also requested the employees to be loyal to their company. Do not undermine the trust. Promotion should be encouraged. If you look after the interests of your employees, they will perform better and ensure your overall growth. He also referred to the negative image of Pakistan being presented by the Pakistan media in general and electronic media in particular daily.

He urged them to highlight positive things as well. Daily from 7.30 to 10.00 PM they keep on telling us as if the country was going to finish by the evening. Then perhaps antihypertensive shows its effect and their blood pressure comes down after 10.00 PM. Media must appreciate good things. Do not be critical all the time. Talent, he said, needs affection, support and help. Hence it is important that we all support our younger generation, he remarked.

Prof. Ziaullah Bajwa commended the purpose of the meeting and message in this calendar. This, he said, has given an Islamic touch to the meeting. Let us all read this message carefully, see who has given this message and for whom. See how far we are following it. Let us do some selfassessment, correct ourselves and it will lead to a much better society. Prof. Ashraf Nizami President PMA Lahore in his speech said that generally it is considered that doctors are not interested in literature (Adab) but today's meeting has shown how much interested they are in literature. They are not Be Adab, he jokingly remarked.

Referring to the speech of Prof.Chohan of addressing a meeting without females, he congratulated him on his return to the male society. He further opined that life should be part of life. Let us help each other. Let us talk about we and not I and do away with I for all times to come. He then recited the following couplet from a Sufi saint Bulleh Shah:

He concluded his speech by stating that let us be proud of our citizenship of Pakistan. If you wish to know the importance of being a citizen of an independent State, ask some Palestinian. It was unfortunate that intolerance was on the increase in our society which needs to be checked.

Mr. Sajjad Mir addressing the meeting said that today's meeting has proved that doctors are very much interested in literature and it was heartening to listen to all of them today. Doctors are writers and poets as well and we all love humanity. He commended PharmEvo for its ethical marketing practices and said that now national pharmaceutical companies were producing quality drugs at affordable prices. On the other hand the MNCs were more interested in profits. Many a times they are involved in unethical marketing practices. It is no secret that some of them import raw material from China, ship it to Dubai, change the label of Switzerland and import at a much higher price. The same raw material is imported from the same source by national companies at much cheaper prices. More recently Indian Pharma industry has been accused of producing substandard drugs and many Indian drug companies have been blacklisted in the West.

Adulteration in drugs and foods, he said, was a serious crime. This is the 17 th Calendar produced by PharmEvo and this was the best document as compared to Bill of Rights. UN Charter of Human Rights is nothing in front of this document. He also briefly referred to Meesaqe Madina. Last sermon (Khutba) by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was culmination of 23 years of teachings which he practiced. He told those present it was his last meeting and he may not be available again hence those who are present must convey this message to others. PharmEvo has done exactly that by producing this calendar. Haqooqul Ibad, he opined was much better than Human Rights. It covers the Tehzeebi Iqdars. There are important messages in this Khutba. It also covers rights of Women and how to treat your servants. They are prisoners of war. It has given all the guidance, knowledge and now the human beings can make their own decisions. It is a Historic Calendar which will be for all times to come, he remarked.

Launch meeting at Rawalpindi

Hafiz Bilal earned the privilege of recitation from Holy Quran at the launch meeting organized at Rawalpindi on December 11, 2015 which was again moderated by Dr. Iqbal. Mr. Haroon Qassim Managing Director PharmEvo welcomed the guest speakers and participants while Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer PharmEvo in his presentation talked about the historical background of publication of Calendars by PharmEvo and its innovative approach in marketing with some purpose to ensure healthier society.

Prof. Sohail Hafeez, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Army Medical College speaking on this occasion said that publication of this Calendar was a commendable effort by PharmEvo. He further opined that we must keep an eye on ourselves. What we are giving back to the society. We have to return everything. What prophet preached, he also practiced. We read Quran but let us try to understand its meanings and follow that. It is a revolutionary message. But there is something which went wrong with us somewhere. We just follow Islam as rituals but we should try to read this message and follow that.

Brig. Qaiser Khan from Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology said that PharmEvo was known for producing quality drugs. I had many other commitments but had I missed today's meeting, I would have missed a lot. They have provided us an opportunity to earn something for Deen and Dunya. Pharma industry must reduce prices and make it affordable for the common man and at the same time the medical profession must also ensure that the medical conferences expenditures which are sponsored by Pharma industry are reduced. We must also pass on the message in the Calendar to our patients. Brig. Nasir Khan commended PharmEvo for its innovative activities, support for literature, academic activities and publication of books besides organizing Mushairas.

He thanked PharmEvo for all this on behalf of the medical profession. Prof. Nasira Tasleem said that PharmEvo promotes research. She was of the view that even if we implement ten percent of which is said in the last sermon of Holy Prophet, the society will be lot better. We have security issues. Women have more rights in Islam. She suggested that let us display this message in our waiting rooms outside the clinics so that the patients also read it. Prof. Mazhar Abbas Rizvi consultant paediatrician also addressed the meeting, commended PharmEvo efforts and then recited a poem.

Prof. Col. Afzal Consultant Paediatrician said that whenever we go to a meeting organized by the Pharma Company we will listen about drugs, side effects but PharmEvo is different. Apart from publication of books on poetry, literature which are distributed among the healthcare professionals, they also support academic and other literary activities. Messages in this Calendar are very important. Let us read it again, respect it, and follow this message.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pulse International addressing the participants said that PharmEvo keeps astonishing and surprising everyone connected with the health sector with its innovative approaches in pharmaceutical marketing. It has proved that one can not only survive but thrive by practicing ethical marketing and thus showed the way to the pharmaceutical industry to give up unethical marketing practices, bribing the healthcare professionals to generate sales. Image of the medical profession was not so bad until the 70s, 80s and even early 90s but now unfortunately medical profession as a whole does not enjoy a good reputation though there is still no dearth of kind hearted, God fearing conscious people among the doctors.

The employees of PharmEvo, he said, are fortunate to have got an opportunity to work in an ethical pharmaceutical company which enjoys good image. Irrespective of their ranking in the overall pharmaceutical market, they enjoy the No. 1 position in the list of those pharmaceutical companies who believe and practice ethical marketing. In fact it has encouraged some others in the Pharma industry who are now considering giving up unethical marketing practices. Theme of Calendar 2016 is such that it is going to enjoy a very special position and will be remembered as an important document, he added.

Prof. Anis Ahmad, a noted religious scholar and Vice Chancellor of Rifah University Islamabad in his speech said that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said, I am leaving two things behind Quran and Sunnah." Let us go back and take guidance from Quran. Read translation of Quran. Access of everything, he stated, was bad may it be the number of dishes at our functions. We need to keep balance in our discussion. Extreme is also bad. If someone decides to worship the whole night it is not good.

Islam never says that one should be totally cut off from the society. The Prophet had said You are not from us if you are doing something which is not allowed in Islam". Islam calls for balance in everything. Prof. Anis did not favour the Western approach to women rights. In Islam women have more rights than men and Islam calls for Adal. There are some professions in which women cannot work in our environment.

Let us respect women's dignity and recognize their status in the society. Let us not follow the West and employ women in low professions. In the name of equality there is lot of exploitation of women in the West. They should be given their rights. They can work in many professions which are allowed to them. All the twelve important messages covered in this Calendar offer solution to most of our problems. We need to follow these principles today. These principles should be practiced by the Muslim World as they offer solution to our present day problems, Prof. Anis remarked.
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Author:Jawaid, Shaukat Ali
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Date:Jan 15, 2016
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