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PhD defence "effects of fire intensity in ash chemical and physical characteristics of mediterranean species and their impact in water quality" in Barcelona University.

At the 10:00 of July 14 of 2010, Paulo Alxexandre da Silva Pereira has defended his thesis, supervised by the Prof. Dr Xavier Ubeda Cartanya, untitled "Effects of fire intensity in ash chemical and physical characteristics of Mediterranean species and their impact in water quality". The thesis defended was focused on the fire effects on the Mediterranean species ash properties produced in laboratory fire simulations, collected in prescribed fires and wildland fires in two areas of Iberian Peninsula, Portugal and Catalunya. The defended thesis was the first at international level made about ash physical and chemical properties produced from wildfires, thus opened new perspectives and research field in fire effects on vegetation and soils. The main results obtained were that ash properties is different according combustion temperature and species. Thus fires produced at different temperatures and forests will have heterogeneous impacts on the landscape. One of the main findings is that species present different vulnerabilities to temperatures effect. It was observed that the studied fires did not have coercive impacts on the ecosystems, thus, in this case, have to be accepted as an ecological element on ecosystems. Fire is a far away to be a problem to the environment, as much can be considered as a social problem, that in our present have a lack of understanding, because fire is unavoidable in the mediterranen, but also in a large number other ecosystems in the world.

The court was composed by Prof. Dr Jorge Mataix-Solera, from Miguel Hernandez University (President), Alicante, Prof. Dr Joaquim Farguell from Barcelona University (Vocal) and Prof. Dr Guillerme Rein (Secretary). The thesis defence took a place in Geography and History Faculty of the Barcelona University, and had a total duration of two hours, one hour for the PhD candidate defend their work and one hour for questions for the court members. After all questions, the court members met during 20 minutes. After, they called all the assistants and the PhD candidate and decide classified the PhD work with "Excellent Cum Laude" the maximum classification. In addition the Phd candidate received the degree of Doctor Europeaus.




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Title Annotation:CHRONICLE
Author:Ubeda, Xavier
Publication:Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management
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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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