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Pfizer's newly-formed food science group.

During a press conference recently in New York, Pfizer's newly-formed Food Science Group launched Dairy-Lo|TM~ -- the next generation of lite ingredients which represents a marked improvement upon currently available fat replacers.

"Given the shortcomings of current fat replacers, many consumers have become skeptical about industry's ability to create good-tasting, fat-reduced products, explained Pfizer Food Science Group President Donald F. Farley. That prompted us to take a strategically-different approach. Essentially, Dairy-Lo|TM~ is a foundation' upon which one can create great-tasting fat-reduced frozen dairy desserts and dairy products," Farley added.

Pfizer's Senior Marketing Manager Gerry Mullally observed that Pfizer approaches the subject of fat reduction differently from others. "Simply put," Mullally said, "there is no one product that can replace all of the unique characteristics of fat."

"We know Dairy-Lo|TM~ is a commercially-viable ingredient because it is already enjoying great success in the marketplace," Mullally stated. In Canada, Ault Foods Ltd. recently introduced a delicious lowfat ice cream. Within just twelve months of launch, the great-tasting frozen dairy dessert captured over 3% of the Canadian ice cream market!

Pfizer has entered into an agreement with Ault under which the Food Science Group will market Dairy-Lo worldwide everywhere except Canada. Ault -- recently named '1992 Dairy Processor of the Year' -- will produce Dairy-Lo|TM~ for Pfizer under the terms of the commercial agreement.

What is Dairy-Lo|TM~? Dairy-Lo|TM~ is, first and foremost, a clearly natural ingredient -- a protein component of milk, nature's purest food. As such, Dairy-Lo|TM~ is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) in the United States. As Dairy-Lo|TM~ is designed specifically for lowfat dairy products and frozen dairy desserts, it corrects many of the problems that commonly compromise these products.

The Food Science Group is one of five operating units of Pfizer, Inc, a diversified research-based company with global operations. The company reported sales of approximately $6.95 billion for 1991.

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Title Annotation:Pfizer Food Science Group
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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