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Pets of the week.


This Shih Tzu lives with Simon and Karina MacLeod in Glasgow.

Where did you get him?

From a breeder in Dunoon, Argyll.

What does he eat?

If we had our way, only dry dog food mix but in reality he loves ham, sausages - and sometimes even his own tail.

Where is his name from?

He is called after Simon's uncle Oscar (because he's a bit wild).

What does he like doing?

Chewing, running, sniffing and licking.

How does he behave around people?

He loves people and wants to be friends with everyone he meets

What's the oddest thing he's done?

He has a very strange fetish for people's feet/ socks/shoes.


This 21-year-old Welsh Cross bay gelding is stabled near Loch Lomond. His owner is Victoria Stewart, of Glasgow.

Where did you get him?

He was bought as a seven-year-old from his previous owner near Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.

What does he eat?

Mainly grass in the summer, then in the winter he gets hay and a hard feed of chaff with sugarbeet mix and various supplements.

Where is the name from?

He was named before I got him, probably as a foal.

What does he like doing?

Eating grass in the field and going on long hacks through the forest.

How does he behave around people?

Rambo loves people especially if they come with mints or carrots.

What is the oddest thing he has done?

He's rather partial to a slice of peanut buttered toast in the morning.


This eight-month-old Dogue De Bordeaux lives with Denise, George, Ross and Maxine Dunn in Kilmarnock.

Where did you get her?

From Libertia Kennels in Belfast.

What does she eat?

Royal Canin supplemented with chicken, tuna, cheese and goat's milk.

Where is the name from?

We combined our son's name Ross with our daughter Maxine who is often called Maxi for short to come up with Roxi.

What does she like doing?

Sleeping, snoring and slavering have to be high up on her list of favourite things along with walks to the park or beach.

How does she behave around people?

This breed thrives on human company and Roxi is no exception.

What's the oddest thing she has done?

We have a massive goldfish in a big glass bowl. Roxi tried to get into the bowl and spilled water all over the place and the goldfish survived.


Eight-year-old lab Leo and three-year-old spaniel Diesel live with George and Betty Young in Arniston, Midlothian.

Where did you get them?

Leo came from a breeder in

Midlothian and Diesel came from a breeder in Fife.

What do they eat?

Bakers Lite Complete Food

Where are the names from?

Leo is after my husband George's birth sign and Diesel because he goes a long way.

What do they like doing?

Going for walks in the country, chasing imaginary rabbits and they also like sleeping.

How to they behave around people?

Generally great. Diesel likes to sit on our knees to get a cuddle.

What's the oddest thing they have done?

Leo jumps at least 3ft in the air when he knows he is going for a walk. Diesel speaks back to you (in dog noises) like a petulant teenager.
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Date:Mar 16, 2008
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