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Pets of the week: Homer & Sally.

Byline: Trude Mostue

HOMER and Sally are eight-year-old Cairn Terriers who live with owners Ian and Alison MacDonald in Inverness.

How did you get them?

Homer came first, from a breeder in Huntly. We picked him because he was the cheekiest of the litter. Six months later, Sally came along.

What do they eat?

Homer enjoys Maltesers and Madeira cake. Sally will eat almost anything.

Where do the names come from?

We chose Homer from The Simpsons, because he is so grumpy but we couldn't bring ourselves to call Sally Marge.

What do they like doing?

They're both telly addicts. Homer enjoys watching football and Sally likes Coronation Street and Animal Hospital.

How do they behave around people?

They are friendly. When out on walks, Sally sometimes goes into people's houses and plonks down in front of their television.

What's the oddest thing they have done?

One New Year Sally escaped through the gate and was running down the road with a pair of pink pants on.

Who do they look like?

They are like husband and wife, maybe Jack and Vera Duckworth from Corrie.

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Date:Oct 6, 2002
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