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Pets of the Great Dictators and Other Works.

Pets of the Great Dictators & Other Works

Sabrina P. Ramet, author; Christine M. Hassenstab, artist

Scarith Books

PO Box 27420, Washington DC 20038-7420

097877132X, $16.00

Written by Sabrina P. Ramet (Professor of Political Science at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Pets of the Great Dictators & Other Works is a collection darkly humorous poetic ditties about Lenin's cat, Hitler's dog, Qaddafi's sweet-scented camel, Mao's cockroach, Stalin's spider, Ivan the Terrible's goldfish, and many other favored creatures of ruthless tyrants. Also included are a set of "philosopher's songs", poems that apply lyrics about philosophical concepts crafted to match popular musical tunes, and the two-act "Turmoil in Brindisi: A Holy Roman Opera". An inventive, wickedly sardonic compilation brimming with sharp-edged humor cover to cover. "Lenin's Cat": Lenin wasn't born a communist / And nor was his cat. / He wasn't born a leader. / And nor was his cat. // He spent some time in Switzerland / Planning revolution. / He knew that seizing power was / The optimal solution. // He liked to stroke his little pet / And comb its pretty fur / He liked to smoke a cigarette / And hear his kitty purr. // He liked to ride on well-sealed trains / And organized a party. / Everyone's invited but / To join you should be hearty.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2007
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