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Pets of th e week.

MISTY Misty is a cat who lives with Hollie and her family in Edinburgh.

Where did you get her? We got her from a rescue centre near Abernethy in Perth.

What does she eat? She loves tuna or just dry biscuits and wet pouches and the odd treat, of course.

Where is the name from? It was to do with it being a rather misty day when we got her.

What does she like doing? She loves climbing trees. We have lost a few collars. She also loves to snuggle up on your knee, jump in and out of our blinds and chase plastic bottle tops.

How does she behave around people? She is very good with people and likes to brush against their legs every chance she gets.

What's the oddest thing she has done? She fell out of our bedroom window when she was young and my plant - which was in a plant pot -saved her. She was fine later on.

TASHA AND BUBBA Tasha and Bubba are boxers who live with Carol and Stuart in East Lothian.

Where did you get them? We adopted both dogs from the Boxer Welfare in Scotland. What do they eat? Anything and everything they can get hold of. We feed them Skinners salmon and rice, dry kibble mixed with cottage cheese, yoghurt, fish or tripe.

Where are the names from? Both dogs were named by their previous owners.

What do they like doing? Playing together and getting lots of cuddles. They both enjoy meeting up with their other boxer pals Kingston, Max, Lola, Archie, Dino and Charlie.

How do they behave around people? Bubba loves people and would let you clap him all day long. Tasha is very loving once she gets to know you.

What's the oddest thing they have done? Tasha is infamous for her big cheesy smile and Bubba can talk for Scotland.

SMUDGE Smudge is a two-year-old cat who lives with his owner Victoria Lawrence, seven, in Prestwick, Ayrshire.

Where did you get him? From Cats' Protection in Prestwick.

What does he eat? He loves eating all kinds of fishy cat food and also gets dried food.

Where is the name from? He gets his name from the little smudge on his front paw. It looks just like a loveheart.

What does he like doing? He loves to play with his monkey toy and chase round and jump up. How does he behave around people? He's very friendly and welcoming to everyone he meets.

What's the oddest thing he has done? He grabs my mum's leg when she walks past. Mum doesn't like it.

TABITHA Tabitha is a 17-year-old long-haired black cat who lives with Mary and Archie Blyth in Tranent, East Lothian Where did you get her? We got her from a kennel/ cattery in Musselburgh. What does she eat? She absolutely loves anything and everything that's fishy - fresh fish, pouches and biscuits. Where is the name from? Her name is from the cat Mrs Tabitha Twitchit in the Beatrix Potter books.

What does she like doing? She likes to roll around on the decking outside in our garden and she also loves lying in her basket at the fire.

How does she behave around people? She is friendly and purrs a lot. She loves everyone but is a bit wary of young children. What's the oddest thing she has done? When Tabitha is cold she will just sit right in front of the gas fire and stare and stare at it until someone puts it on for her.
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Date:Apr 11, 2010
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