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Pets Direct Inc.

Owners: Darlene Agee and Sheila Garner Address: 1500 Macon Drive, Little Rock, 72211, 228-6436 Start-up date: Oct. 23

Darlene Agee and Sheila Garner recognize there is a growing animal rights movement.

Often, the quality of pet stores is not high, and conditions in the kennels from which the stores buy their animals are not known.

Their new pet store, Pets Direct Inc. in Little Rock's Macon Market, sells dogs and parakeets that have been bred by Agee and Garner or by a local kennel that has been inspected by the Department of Agriculture.

Garner's husband, Garry, says the partners have more than 20 years combined experience in breeding and raising animals.

"We personally know the background of each animal," Garry Garner says.

He says they do not sell animals shipped from other states.

"It is not as stressful on the animals," Garner says. "And we can guarantee a better quality puppy."

Puppies are displayed in open pens rather than cages, and customers are free to pet the animals.

Pets Direct will offer special prices on a number of breeds through October.
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Date:Oct 28, 1991
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