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Petrucha, Stefan. Yestermorrow.

PETRUCHA, Stefan. Yestermorrow. (Timetripper, Book One.) Penguin, Razorbill. 230p. c2006. 1-59514-076-X. $5.99. JS

PETRUCHA, Stefan. Inrage. (Timetripper, Book Two.) Penguin, Razorbill. 211 p. c2006.1-59514-0778. $5.99. JS

The series begins with Harry Keller having a bad day. He's had bad days since his father died, some of them landing him in a mental hospital. But Harry's not crazy; he just sees things others can't. Like the past, present and future, all in one place, a place he calls A-Time. Harry thinks he's the only human in A-Time, but that's not true. Somebody else is not only there, but can manipulate it and cause events in people's lives, including suicide or murder. Harry has to stop the class bully from killing himself, but to do that he needs the help of Siara Warner. And for that, he needs to convince her that he's not really crazy. This first in a series is a quick, fun read, with engaging characters and lots of action and humor.

In Book Two, Harry Keller has survived his first encounter with The Initiate, a mysterious opponent who shares Harry's access to A-Time and can change futures to change or destroy lives. Now there's a different threat: people at Harry's school are going into sudden, dangerous rages, each time causing more damage. The origins of this lie in A-Time, and Harry needs to find out what's going on fast. But he faces two obstacles: the death-wish that implanted itself in him during his last foray into A-Time, and the more dangerous presence of Dr. Strang, who wants to put him on antipsychotic medication that will limit his access to A-Time. Harry has to do this without the aid of Siara, whose death he has seen over and over as a consequence of their friendship.

This second book in the TimeTripper series nicely moves the action forward and introduces a number of new aspects of A-Time. Readers of the first novel will be eager to see the series out. For most fantasy collections. Deirdre Root, Ref. Libn., Middletown PL, Middletown, OH

J--Recommended for junior high school students. The contents are of particular interest to young adolescents and their teachers.

S--Recommended for senior high school students.
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Title Annotation:Inrage
Author:Root, Deirdre
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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