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Petrucha, Stefan: Teen, Inc.

PETRUCHA, Stefan TEEN, INC Bloomsbury, 2008 244pp $16.95 pbk ISBN 9780747593300 SCIS 1382403

Jaiden is a fourteen year-old boy whose parents died when a corporation's faulty piece of equipment exploded and as reparation (which includes him receiving a forty million dollar wrongful death settlement when he turns twenty-five), the corporation (NECorp) was permitted to adopt him. Earlier on he was taught by tutors, but now he is allowed to go to a local high school. His days are governed by men in suits and meetings and he lives in a modified office within the business headquarters. At school, his best friend is Nate and he has a crush on Jenny who is in his biology class. There is an accusation that NECorp is polluting the local waterways with mercury and the theme of responsibility to the environment versus keeping people employed is explored, as well as truthfulness in industry versus the need to make profits. Jaiden reports the action and his comic responses to situations lighten some of the tension. Most chapters end on a cliff hanger, things go very wrong and then get worse, resulting in the story moving along at a fast pace. Suitable for teenagers as an accessible, enjoyable read.
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Author:Long, Julie
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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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