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Petronas, ERGIL Team on Iraqi oil field project.

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Collaborating with Malaysia's Petronas oil company for a major oil field project in Gharraf, Iraq, ERGIL announced it has completed delivery of a skid mounted pig receiver and pig launcher, accompanied by whole instrumentation and a pig-handling system. The site is ranked as the fifth-largest oil and gas field in Iraq.

The scope of work of this project includes one 6" x 8" pig launcher complete with interconnecting piping and valves within the skid; one 6" x 8" pig receiver complete with interconnecting piping and valves within skid; pig trolleys; jib cranes and spare parts for start-up and commissioning.

ERGIL Pig Receiver & Launchers are easy to use and install and made of corrosion-resistant materials, thus providing complete solutions for all pipeline-related jobs such as cleaning, drying, testing and displacement. ERGIL's Pig Handling and Pig Trolley systems help to handle and unload the pigs using manpower thereby reducing work accidents. They are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of each client.

Nallinikanth, ERGIL's business development manager on the project, said that its association with Petronas on the Gharraf oil field has been very promising. He said the region has much potential and expects announcing many such accomplishments in the near future. He said he believes the right partnership goes a long way in the success of each project.

With a legacy dating back to 1983, ERGIL is a leading company into the manufacturing of tanks, tank equipment and accessories for storage tank terminals, refineries, pipelines, process and industrial plants. Having exported products to over 60 countries, it maintains its international standards while providing complete solutions for the oil, gas, power, construction and chemical industries.

Its 32,000-square-meter facility in Mersin, Turkey and team of professional engineers and management enables the company to handle complex projects and deliver with ease. As a modern facility it is equipped with the latest technology, including fully automated welding, rolling, CNC plasma cutting, shot blasting, heating, painting system and lifting machines. ERGIL is also capable of handling in-house pressure testing, radiography and other nondestructive tests. For more information visit


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Title Annotation:TECH NOTES: Product Development
Comment:Petronas, ERGIL Team on Iraqi oil field project.(TECH NOTES: Product Development)
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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