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Petron expands High Temperature Protection fluids lineup.

PETRON Corp. unveiled on October 3 more products under its High Temperature Protection (HTP) brand at the Makati Diamond Residences.

These include the Blaze Racing HTP 0W-40 fully synthetic gasoline engine oil, the Rev-X Turbo HTP 5W-40 fully synthetic diesel engine oil and the GHTP fully synthetic gear oil.

The new lubricants are in addition to the ATF Premium HTP fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid, the HTP DOT-4 high-performance brake fluid and the Grease HTP lithium complex grease that the company launched in February 2017.

Petron said the HTP line is designed to handle the extreme conditions of driving in the Philippines, which include hot weather, stop-and-go traffic, heavy loads and high-speed drives.

'When subjected to extreme heat, conventional engine oils will oxidize or thicken, thus increasing the chances of leaving deposits and eventually degrading engine performance that may lead to engine failure,' the company said in a press statement.

'Just as clogged arteries can cause cardiac arrest in a human heart, sludges and deposits can cause a car engine to break down,' Petron added. 'When the car engine operates in conditions that cause the engine temperature to rise, one of the best ways to ensure that the vehicle is protected is to use especially formulated premium engine oils.'

The company said the addition of Polyalphaolefin to Blaze Racing HTP and Rev-X Turbo HTP, with the help of technical partner Infineum, helps both meet the most severe and stringent requirements of high-performance gasoline and diesel engines.

As such, Blaze Racing HTP is approved and certified according to the specifications of API SN, MB Approval 229.5, MB Approval 229 and Porsche A40.

Meanwhile, Rev-X Turbo HTP-which also has additives that help prevent soot and piston deposits, as well as prolongs the life of emission control systems like diesel particulate filters and exhaust gas recirculation-is approved and licensed according to the specifications of API-CJ-4/SN, MAN 3575, Cummins CES 20081, MB Approval 228.31, Volvo VDS-4 and Mack EO-O Premium Plus.

Better protection for other components

But of course, the engine isn't the only thing in a car that needs good lubrication. For instance, transmissions have the unenviable task of getting the power from the engine to the wheels.

Petron said GHTP Gear Oil is formulated to meet stringent requirements of automotive axles, limited slip differentials and manual transmissions and has the performance profile of API Service GL-5 and API MT-1. It is also compatible with commonly used seal materials and has excellent water separability and air-releasing ability.

Meanwhile, ATF Premium HTP protects the bearings, clutch plates, seals and other automatic transmission components from wear and corrosion, while its excellent foaming characteristics ensure optimum operability and longer transmission life. It is suitable for use in most light-duty, planetary gear service fill applications and meets most OEM automatic transmission fluid specifications.

For those who subject their vehicle to frequent heavy braking, such as racing drivers, Petron Brake Fluid HTP DOT-4 goes a step higher than the DOT-3 standard brake fluid that most cars use by having a higher boiling point, as well as outstanding physical and chemical stability to ensure safe and efficient braking performance.

Finally, Petron Grease HTP is a heavy-duty high-temperature grease formulated with a lithium complex thickener and high-quality based oils that can be used for chassis and suspension parts, ball joints and wheel bearings. It can also be used in industrial gear and bearing sets, bushings, slides, fifth wheels, and farm and off-highway equipment.

The entire range of Petron HTP products is available at Petron Car Care Centers and select Petron service stations nationwide.
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Publication:Business Mirror (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Oct 12, 2018
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