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Petland helps Educate Pet Owners with Nutrition Center.

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio -- People all over the world are becoming more conscious of what they are eating. Petland is recognizing National Pet Wellness Month this October by offering advice on how nutrition can play a major role in keeping your pet healthy.

Pet Health

Petland recommends that pet owners adhere to the following tips when choosing a diet for their pet.

* Assess their nutritional needs. There are many factors that can affect a pet's nutritional needs such as health issues, pregnancy, and age.

* Feed a premium, high quality food. Veterinary nutritionists research and write the recipes for these formulas so you can be sure your pet is getting the proper mix of all necessary nutrients.

* Ask your vet. They are the most qualified source of information on your particular pet's needs.

* Stay consistent. Changing your pet's food can cause digestive irritation.

* Do not give your pet too many vitamins. This can be just as harmful as a deficiency.

* Do not rely on a low grade commercial or table scraps diet for your pet. Your pet may not be getting all of its necessary nutrients.

Petland says it is important to schedule regular visits with your family veterinarian to ensure that your pet's health is successfully maintained.

October is National Pet Wellness Month. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, sponsor of National Pet Wellness Month, it is recommended that pets are seen at least every six months for a wellness exam. This enables your vet to become more familiar with your pet and more able to spot changes and potential health problems.

Overall Pet Health

* Exercise. Physical activity helps prevent excess weight gain, supports a pet's metabolism and serves as an outlet for pent-up energy.

* Grooming. A pet that is routinely brushed and bathed is less susceptible to skin and coat disorders. Grooming also includes checking a pet's ears to make sure they are clean, as well as keeping nails trimmed.

* Stay up-to-date on vaccines. Make sure your pet receives its annual vaccinations and boosters, including rabies, distemper, herpesvirus, Bordetella, kennel cough and feline leukemia.

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