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Petition launched to stop similar outcome happening.

A PETITION has been launched in support of an abandoned dog, killed by police after a failed attempt to find its owner.

The Care2 petition has now been set up in a bid to prevent it from happening again to a "defenceless" animal.

And as The Gazette went to print last night the petition was already past its 12,000-signature goal.

The appeal says: "Justice for a dog that was cruelty left in freezing weather tied to a post.

"Police couldn't be bothered to put the work in to find its owner so shot it.

"This petition is in the hope that we can get justice for the dog by hopefully not letting it happen again to a defenceless dog."

To view the petition, visit


The dog had been tied to this post on wasteland in Hartlepool

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 23, 2018
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