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Peterson announces next year's leadership appointment process.

NLC First Vice President Bart Peterson, mayor of Indianapolis, announced his plans for the 2007 leadership and committee appointment process last week.

Peterson said he will make all leadership appointments in November in order to have his leadership team in place at the conclusion of the 2006 Congress of Cities and Exposition in Reno, Nev., Dec. 5-9.

In his role as incoming NLC president, Peterson will appoint chairs, vice chairs and members to all standing committees for one-year terms. This includes the seven Policy and Advocacy Steering Committees; the four CityFutures Panels; the Congress of Cities Program Committee; the Council on Youth, Education, and Families; the International Council; the Leadership Training Council; the Central Cities Council; the First Tier Suburbs Council; the Small Cities Council and the University Communities Council.

He will also appoint the chairs and vice chairs of the Advisory Council, which is made up of city officials who have served on the NLC Board of Directors, and will appoint a chair and vice chair of the Corporate Partners Leadership Council, which is made up of representatives from NLC's Corporate Partners organizations.

Individuals must be from NLC member cities to hold a leadership position and serve on NLC standing committees.

Peterson said he will look to the chairs and vice chairs of NLC leadership groups to participate actively in NLC's work priorities during his leadership year, including membership recruitment and retention, responding to close to home issues and challenges, and advocating for municipal priorities in Washington, D.C.

"Over the past few years, the committee chairs have been instrumental in shaping organizational directions and supporting major leadership priorities," Peterson said. "I plan to continue to rely on the committee leaders that I will appoint in November, along with the elected leaders of the six constituency groups, to maintain strong connections with all direct member cities as we carry out the priorities we will set in January 2007."

Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Applications for committee chairs and vice chairs for all standing committees are due at NLC headquarters by Monday, Oct. 2.

In making leadership appointments, Peterson said he will factor in commitment to NLC, knowledge of the issues the committee is dealing with and a willingness to commit the time and energy it takes to lead one of NLC's standing groups. He said he will also focus on ensuring that the committee appointments are representative of NLC's diverse membership to the maximum extent possible.

Peterson plans to seek input from the NLC Officers and Board of Directors, state municipal league directors and constituency group chairs to help achieve this goal.

"Creating a leadership team that reflects the diversity of our membership in every way is essential to our effectiveness as the voice for America's cities and towns and vital to sustaining broad membership involvement," Peterson said.

Applications for committee chair and vice chair positions are available from the NLC executive office, from state municipal leagues and on the NLC website. In order to be considered for a committee chair or vice chair slot, an application and biographical statement must be submitted to NLC no later than Oct. 2.

Individuals who have municipal elections scheduled in November should submit applications by the Oct. 2 deadline in order to be included in the candidate rosters that will be prepared for Peterson. The review of candidates will begin immediately after the November election.

Committee chairs will be notified of their selection in mid-November.

Committees, Councils and Panels

City officials from NLC member cities who are interested in serving on any of the 19 committees, councils and panels should submit applications to NLC by Nov. 15. To learn more about these committees, visit the "Inside NLC" section at Peterson will make appointments to all NLC standing committees early in January.

All committees and councils will convene for the first time at the Congressional City Conference, which will be held March 10-14, 2007, in Washington, D.C.

Individuals who served on any NLC committee, council or panel this year who are interested in serving again next year must submit an application in order to be considered for reappointment.

Peterson urges elected officials from NLC member cities who are interested in serving as a chair, vice chair or member of an NLC committee to submit an application by the specified deadline.

"While I am anxious to hear directly from city officials who want to serve NLC during my year as president, the best way to ensure that your interest is considered is to submit an application," Peterson said. "I will do everything I can to draw on the talent and interests of the many local officials who want to work with me during the coming year."

Peterson also urges city officials to work with their state municipal leagues to discuss opportunities for participating actively in NLC, to communicate interest in serving on an NLC committee and to seek a state league endorsement.

Key Dates for 2007 Appointment Process

* Oct. 2: Applications due for all committee chair and vice chair positions

* Nov. 15" Applications due for membership on all standing committees, panels and councils

Details: Visit the NLC website at to download the appropriate application. In order to be considered for appointment to any committee, an application must be submitted by the announced deadline.
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