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Petersen's Bowhunting quiz.


1. True or False: American pronghorn, or antelope, are closely related to big game species such as African impala and East Indian blackbuck antelope.

2. Which of these common compound-bow set up procedures is sure to rob your bow of several feet per second of speed?

a. Adding common rubber limb silencers.

b. Placing standard string silencers closer to the cams or wheels.

c. Using one or more brass nocking points on the center serving.

d. Using a direct-hookup release aid instead of a string loop.

3. True or False: The standard score rings found on most 3-D targets matches actual vital areas of animals represented and should be studied closely.

4. What striking and obvious feature in a strutting gobbler would instantly indicate that the hunter was looking at a yearling tom, a.k.a. jake?

a. The middle or top tail feathers forming the fan are longer than those to the left and right of them.

b. Jakes always have nearly nonexistent beards.

c. The head of a jake is nearly always the same color as the head of a hen turkey.

d. A jake's legs will appear grey, a mature tom's red.

5. True or False: The term cut-on-contact refers to any style of head, mechanical, replaceable-blade, or fixed-blade that includes a knife-like edge that cuts as soon as it touches the target.

6. Which one of these popular Rocky Mountain or American elk states does not offer over-the-counter or guaranteed non-resident tags or licenses?

a. Idaho.

b. Wyoming.

c. Colorado.

d. Oregon.

7. True or False: A tree stand placed higher than 20 feet above ground level will not allow a lethal, double-lung hit to occur with bow and arrow, as the angle is too steep to penetrate both lungs.

8. Natural feather fletching remains as popular as ever with archery hunters despite high-tech plastic options. Which of these is a disadvantage of choosing feather fletchings?

a. They can create noise when brushed against objects in the woods.

b. They are not as durable as plastic vanes.

c. They flatten to become useless in wet weather.

d. All of the above.

9. True or False: A low buck-to-doe-ratio of one buck to every two does, or a 2:1 ratio, makes grunting and rattling more productive by increasing competition for available females.



1. False, Pronghorn are a species unique to North America.

2. c.

3. False, especially when the target is situated anything but broadside on level ground.

4. a.

5. True.

6. b.

7. False, whitetail are round, not flat as some archery hunters believe.

8. d.

9. True.

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Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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