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Peter Shaw's Sunday Beef.

pounds 25 STAR LETTER


ALTHOUGH not an avid tennis fan I was appalled at the treatment handed out to Dutchman Paul Haarhuis in his match with Tim Henman.

The shouts and jeers thrown at him by a teenage bunch of nitwits, baying like a pack of hounds, were a disgrace. By all means cheer for your own countryman, but this was beyond a joke and made me feel embarrassed to be English.

Haarhuis was not helped by that weakling of an umpire, who had about as much authority as a pet hamster.

Nothing would induce me to go to Wimbledon in the future - even if I wanted to.

E C Horrell, Newton Abbot.

Good for you, pal, even if you wouldn't get a ticket anyway.


IF it is true that Howard Kendall's first decision as Everton manager was to reject a Spurs overture to sell a cut-price Teddy Sheringham to him then there is no hope of Goodison success this season.

By general agreement Sheringham is the soccer brain that makes England tick and would have been great for the Blues. The fact that Alex Ferguson snapped him up for Manchester United surely proves this.

Eric Wilson, Formby.

Does it? Didn't Fergie also "snap up" Poborsky and Cruyff?

Ear today, gone tomorrow

SO Mike Tyson bit off more than he could chew against Evander Holyfield.

Defeat brought a lump to his throat (or was it a chunk of lug?) and now the back-biting starts.

"Ban the beast" the headlines scream. But why? Boxing is a barbaric business and Tyson only reflects that fact.

This is a sport that permits blows to the head, for goodness sake, so what is worse - brain damage or over-enthusiastic ear-piercing?

Still, why should I care? Nobody is listening - least of all Holyfield.

Ron Cowley, Ballasalla, Isle of Man.

Now then don't get huffy, we're all listening. Not many agreeing mind you.

PLEASE settle a pounds 5 bet between friends. My pal said Holyfield would beat Tyson. My belief was Tyson would eat Holyfield.

Have I won as the referee didn't allow the meal to go on?

E H Thomas, Rhonnda.

You've won, pal. By the sound of it, on pints.


NEVER mind that animal Mike Tyson, it is Herbie Hide the boxing world should be watching.

And anyone who doubts his ability to beat the world's best heavyweights should think again.

His hammering of Tony Tucker was a superb piece of work. By stopping him in round two Hide did something neither Tyson nor Lennox Lewis could achieve. For me that proves Herbie has the class to go all the way, and I wish him luck.

G Latham, Norwich.

We all wish him luck, sunshine. But then we used to do the same for Frank Bruno.

Twickers in a mist

THERE will be a whiff of cordite in the air when the grey suits of Rugby Union gather on Friday for the annual meeting of the RFU.

Usually the administrative trivia of the nation's snootiest sporting hierarchy outside Wimbledon is as gripping as watching the Twickenham grass grow.

This time, however, it could be different. This time the scene is set for the biggest revolution for years.

Since professionalism hit the game the RFU have:

Sold their soul to Sky TV, so robbing most fans of the chance of seeing England in action and losing millions in sponsorship;

Irreparably scarred the Five Nations championship; and

Treated the small clubs with disdain while arrogantly pushing the major clubs to the brink of defection.

In short they have made the FA, the LTA and the BAF look massively competent, an amazing feat. Not so much knickers in a twist as Twickers in a mist.

So this annual meeting will be the chance for everyone - except the fans of course - to get their own back by ridding the game of the people who have created so much disruption and disharmony.

Let us hope they take it.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Author:Shaw, Peter
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 6, 1997
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