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Peter Elson - playing catch-up.

AS SOMEONE who is always trying to beat the clock and always losing, I would like to use my Leap Day to catch up with everything that I've run out of time to complete in the previous year. In fact, I think there should be a February 29 every year, purely for this purpose.

Banking on fine, clear Lake District weather (which would be a certainty in February), I'd like to glide up Scafell Pike (pushed by a light gale-force wind, naturally) so that I could cruise to the summit with the minimum of effort and enjoy a classic picnic, including Grosvenor pie and Battenburg cake, with lashings of ginger beer, while feasting on a view over five counties. Ideally, a mountain rescue helicopter would airlift me down to a cosy Lakeland pub.

Maybe I would take time to visit St Mary's parish church, Edge Hill, Liverpool, which I've driven past countless times and never been inside. Apparently the Mole of Edge Hill, Joseph Williamson, who was busy digging in the 1800s extended one of his tunnels from his house to St Mary's, so he'd not have to go outside to attend church. Is it still there? Then there's St Bride's, Percy Street, and St Patrick's, Park Lane - basically there aren't enough Leap Days.

After years of broken promises to myself, I'll take up the piano again, which I technically stopped learning when I was about 12, although I had effectively opted out of years before by the simple expedient of doing no practice. Now I realise the error of my ways and this Leap Day, I'll leap onto the piano stool and Begin the Beguine in my plan to storm the world as a cocktail pianist in the cream of Prescot's speakeasies.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2008
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