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PetNovations Takes the Self-Washing Cat Box to the Next Level with the CatGenie 120.

New model features cat activation, a 120 SaniSolution cartridge with 100 percent more cleanings, and 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable cartridge materials

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Today, PetNovations announces the introduction of the CatGenie 120, the latest model of the world's only self-flushing, self-washing cat box. The innovative CatGenie eliminates the need to ever touch cat litter again. It works like a cat box, cleans like a modern washing appliance, and flushes like a toilet.

Invented by a former rocket scientist, the CatGenie has been unlike any other cat box on the market since it was introduced in 2006 to overwhelming customer demand. Now, with the CatGenie 120, it is cleaner, greener, easier to use and more economical with the addition of:

* 120 SaniSolution cartridge with a concentrated formula for twice as many cleanings

* Customizable settings, including cat activation

* PowerFlusher for faster waste removal and Genie SuperScrubber for a germ and odor-free cat box

* LED control panel to gauge SaniSolution usage

* 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent recyclable cartridge materials

"The CatGenie 120 represents our commitment to customer satisfaction," said Tal Gordon, CEO of PetNovations. "It is the product of years of customer feedback and market research. We have learned what cat owners need and it is a cat box that's consistently clean, convenient, and eco-friendly."

120 SaniSolution Cartridge

The CatGenie uses proprietary cartridges to dispense the sanitizing solution needed to wash its permanent, litter-like Washable Granules.

PetNovations is now introducing a 120 SaniSolution cartridge with a formula that is more concentrated for twice as many cleaning cycles. The 120 SaniSolution cartridge is the same size as the original 60-wash cartridge, but will accommodate a one-cat household for nearly four months before it needs replacing. This reduces the amount of waste per cartridge by 50 percent since they need to be discarded half as often.

For a traditional litter box, one cat requires six 28-pound tubs of litter per year. With the CatGenie, one cat needs only three 120 SaniSolution cartridges per year. This diminishes the negative environmental effects associated with cat boxes, from the strip-mining of litter to the accumulation of waste in landfills.

Cat Activation

With the CatGenie 120, users now have three options for operating automated cleaning cycles - manual, pre-set, and cat activation. With manual operation, a cleaning cycle begins with the push of a button. With pre-set operation, the CatGenie cleans at user-specified intervals up to four times a day. With the newest feature, cat activation, a cleaning cycle will initiate 10 minutes after the box has been used. To ensure the cat box does not disrupt owners while they sleep, it includes an automatic sleep mode that allows users to suspend operation during specified nighttime hours.

When set for cat activation, the new 120 SaniSolution cartridge automatically reduces the amount of SaniSolution used per cycle to last up to 240 washes. When multiple cats use the same CatGenie, the unit cleans more often than when run manually or on pre-set cycles. To compensate, the CatGenie dispenses less solution during each cat-activated cleaning. As always, the CatGenie will not operate while a cat is in or using the box.

With three choices of operation, cat owners can now tailor the CatGenie to suit their lifestyle and preferences. Each cleaning cycle will remove, liquefy and drain waste out of the home so cat owners never have to scoop, touch, smell or change litter ever again.

PowerFlusher and Genie SuperScrubber

The new CatGenie PowerFlusher cuts through hairballs and other tough debris more efficiently, and flushes waste more quickly and thoroughly out of the home. During cleaning cycles, the new Genie SuperScrubber scours the bottom of the basin, keeping it continuously clean and free of any odor-causing materials, no matter how small. These new features make the CatGenie 120 the most sanitary and hygienic cat box on the market.

LED Control Panel with SaniSolution Gauge

The CatGenie 120 incorporates new and improved software that makes the Control Panel easier to use. To eliminate any guesswork, LEDs now indicate the amount of SaniSolution remaining in each cartridge. Users can see if they have 100, 75, 50, 25, or 10 washes left. When the gauge reaches three washes, they are alerted to replace the cartridge.

100 Percent Biodegradable and Recyclable Cartridge Materials

Most plastics take hundreds of years to break down and some can never biodegrade. The CatGenie's proprietary Washable Granules have always had a unique additive to enable bacteria to biodegrade the plastic within nine months in septic systems and two years in landfills.

PetNovations is proud to announce that the new 120 SaniSolution cartridges utilize the same additive as the Washable Granules, allowing them to fully biodegrade within just a few years. They can also be safely mixed with other recycled plastics.

Additionally, only the CatGenie meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's standards for proper disposal of cat waste, which is to flush solids (without litter) down a toilet.

Traditional cat litter is strip-mined and, once contaminated, ends up in landfills where it does not biodegrade. The CatGenie eliminates the need for disposable litter. By incorporating more eco-friendly materials in its CatGenie 120 system, PetNovations aims to improve its environmental impact.

The CatGenie 120 self-washing cat toilet will be on display at PetNovations' Booth #1206 at the Global Pet Expo, held February 12-14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Expected availability date in the U.S. and Canada is May 2009. PetNovations is also preparing for future international distribution.

Pricing has not yet been announced.

About PetNovations

PetNovations, Inc. makes high-tech pet products to enhance the relationship between pets and pet owners. Its flagship product, the CatGenie, is the world's only self-flushing, self-washing cat box. PetNovations is based near historic Valley Forge in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and was founded by CEO Tal Gordon. A former rocket scientist and longtime entrepreneur, Tal invented the CatGenie to revolutionize the way pet lovers take care of their cats' sanitation needs. More information is available at
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