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Pet cruelty pair fail in bid to keep dog.

Byline: KEANE DUNCAN @keanedunk

A PAIR who failed to treat an ulcerated tumour on their dog's foot issued an emotional plea for their pet to die at home.

Raymond Carmody, 68, and Sarah Carmody, 47, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to their elderly Staffordshire bull terrier Jack.

The pair, of Pasture Lane, Lazenby, failed to seek vet care for a large, ulcerated tumour on the 16-yearold's right foot.

They found out that Jack, who was seized by the RSCPA, will never be returned home during a hearing at Teesside Magistrates' Court.

But the ruling prompted tears and a plea for the pet to be returned to his former home to die.

"I have looked after that dog. He was in perfect condition for 15 years," said Mr Carmody.

"We made one mistake because the flat I was living in was repossessed.

"I had to use the money for Jack to keep a roof over our head."

Sticking by her decision, district judge Helen Cousins said: "Jack is very elderly. He's going to be very expensive to look after."

Mr Carmody added: "I would like him to come home and die where he belongs. I am pleading with you.

"Please don't destroy that dog.

We're appealing against this."

The Staffordshire bull terrier developed an ulcerated tumour on his foot in June 2017, leaving him in pain and unable to walk.

He was denied veterinary treatment for two months as the tumour grew bigger. The court heard the Carmodys could not afford medical care after their flat was repossessed, and bandaged the wound instead.

The incident was described as a "blip" by their defence solicitor, who said the dog was otherwise healthy, well fed and regularly walked.

The RSPCA said it was a "sad case" and representatives of the charity told the court: "It's not usual for the RSPCA to prosecute people who are in difficulty.

"The reality is Mr Carmody didn't realise he had done anything wrong," the court was told.

"Unless the prosecution was brought, Jack would have to go back to a home that didn't have enough money to care for it."

Issuing the order, district judge Cousins said: "Jack will not be returning to you.

"I am doing so because I know how much they cost to look after."

Jack, who was described as "elderly and unhealthy" is being assessed by RSPCA vets, and is likely to remain with the charity until the end of its life.


The Carmody's Staffordshire terrier Jack

Raymond and Sarah Carmody

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 26, 2018
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