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Pesticides in Food.

Pesticides in Food

For many reasons the public have become considerably more interested in what might be in their food. Not only are deliberate additives of topical interest but so are the adventitious variety. Pesticides fall into the latter category and therefore need careful control and the technicalities of that control are very relevant.

Near the end of April this year the Campden Food and Drink Research Association organised a symposium to examine a range of pesticide topics including safety testing, residue analysis and the legislation that surrounds the subject. The papers by G A Willis, Dr T R Roberts, Dr Alistair Robertson, Frances Radcliffe, Windsor Griffiths, Jim Busby and D M Evans generated considerable discussion amongst the large number of delegates who attended.

Actual titles of the various presentations were: Premarketing assessment of the safety of pesticide residues in food, Pesticide residue studies with crops, Pesticide residue analysis, Pesticide residue legislation, Pesticides in focus, A perspective from the food industry, and The role of biotechnology in crop protection.

Like all Proceedings this text can be used as an aide memoir for those who attended or it allows those were absent to catch up on what they missed.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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