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Pervert made sordid videos of sex games with girlfriends as he leered at the camera; BE HONEST, GIRLS, WOULD YOU GO TO BED WITH THIS MAN ...ESPECIALLY IF HE HAD A CAMCORDER HIDDEN IN THE ROOM?

It's one of the oldest lines in the book. Come back to my place, darling - one day I'll be a famous film director.

Little did those girls know, as he leered and grunted over them in his bed, that they themselves were the subjects of his early movie efforts.

And little did podgy pervert Nick Hedges know that, one day, he would indeed make a film that was famous - for all the wrong reasons.

Hedges, 32, directed the bogus Princess Diana and James Hewitt video sold to naive bosses at The Sun last week for a six-figure sum.

Embarrassed newspaper chiefs had to apologise to the Princess and Hewitt after our sister paper, the Daily Mirror, exposed the film as an obvious hoax.

Now the tables have been turned on the fat video snoop as we reveal how he secretly filmed himself in sordid sex games with girls brought back to his North London flat.

Hedges rigged up a camcorder on a tripod and hid it under a pile of clothes, with the lens poking through to video his efforts at seduction.

As he had sex with the unsuspecting girls, Hedges winked, grinned and leered at the camera in smug self-satisfaction.

So, with his career in spoof royal movies at an end, would Hedges make it as a porn actor and director?

From the evidence of the video seen by the Sunday Mirror, he has a great future behind him.

Overexposed is the word that springs to mind, with acres of wobbling white flesh on view as the gutbucket Casanova heaves his 15-stone frame round a tatty, green-sheeted mattress under a tastelessly erotic painting of a naked man.

At the start of the 90-minute tape a busty, curly-haired brunette strips off her sweatshirt as Hedges carefully manoeuvres her into camera shot.

Then she takes off her watch and white bra, but keeps her jeans on as she sits on top of a sweaty, pot-bellied Hedges, who is still wearing his baggy black trousers.

The pair can be heard giggling and laughing as they peel off their remaining clothes and start having sex, with Hedges' video camera silently rolling in the background.

Later in the video Hedges appears with another girl, kissing and cuddling in the same bedroom with the lights turned down.

But this time his film-making skills let him down badly. All he managed to capture on film is the girl's legs, his back and his considerable bottom.

In the background, above the sound of sighing and groaning, are the sultry tones of a recording by late jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald.

What is clear from the video is that neither girl seemed to be particularly enjoying herself.

Foreplay appeared to consist of six Malibus and pineapple down the pub beforehand, and Hedges' sexual technique is of the wham-bam-thank-you -mam variety.

Hedges made the film three years ago, when he lived on the top floor of his pounds 93-a-week rented flat in Camden.

At the time, he was a struggling, unknown director who gave lectures to students at the National Youth Theatre in nearby Holloway.

A friend revealed: "Nick was well-liked by students at the National Youth Theatre, especially the girls, who made it clear they fancied him.

''Some of the girls were literally throwing themselves at his feet, and he was picking and choosing different ones - they were star-struck by him.

''He was always having different girls over at the flat and they would always go straight up into his bedroom and spend ages in there.''

The video was found among a pile of belongings left behind by Hedges when he left his former landlord Alex Flashman's flat.

Entertainer Alex said: "Nick left the flat just over two years ago and he still owes me more than pounds 2,000 in back rent.

"I even had to pay the telephone bills he left behind because they were all in my name and I was going to be cut off.

"He just cleared off and left me in the lurch.

''I was clearing out the junk he left behind when I came across this video tape of him having sex with two of his former girlfriends.

''It was real hard-core stuff but what really upset me was that it was obvious the poor girls didn't know they were being filmed by him.

''I'm not prudish by any stretch of the imagination but what I thought was terrible was the fact that these girls were being taped without their consent.

''I remember when he bought the camcorder and he said to me: 'Every guy needs a horny porny.'

"At the time I just laughed it off as one of Nick's jokes. I didn't think he would actually make a video of himself having sex, and to leave it lying around beggars belief.

''I only looked through his stuff months after he left when it was obvious he wasn't coming back.

"I even spoke to his mum and asked her what to do with his belongings.

''She said he must have taken what he wanted, give the rest to Oxfam. So I gave most of the books and clothes to charity but put the video and some other tapes to one side.

''After he left I had a string of debt collectors and other people knocking on my door asking where he was, saying that he owed them money.

''I'd forgotten all about him until I heard his name on the radio in connection with the fake Princess Diana tape.

''I thought that was really underhand as well. I must admit I'm a supporter of the royals, and found the whole thing offensive.

''I admire Princess Diana for all she has gone through and feel really sorry for her.

''She must have felt terrible last week when Nick's video was passed off as the real thing.

''I'm glad Nick has apologised to her and James Hewitt because I think it is only right that he should.''

Hedges admitted making the film to a business associate. He said: "Yes. I made the film. It was for my own enjoyment.

"Neither girl had any idea they were being filmed.

''It was for my own entertainment only. I had no intention of selling it on.''

ONE of the models Hedges used in his bogus video of Princess Diana and James Hewitt has twice appeared naked in a soft porn magazine.

In one set of pictures for Penthouse, Diana lookalike Christina Hance is shown in explicit poses with doubles of Charles and Camilla after she catches them in bed.

The second set of X-rated pictures show Christina in full frontal poses across six pages of the magazine.
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Author:Pisa, Nick
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 13, 1996
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