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Perspectives on the Current Status of and Emerging Policy Issues for Community Colleges. AGB Occasional Paper Number 1.

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Two-year colleges represent such diversity of type and structure that they must be understood on a state-by-state basis. Massive educational changes will undoubtedly take place in today's era of turbulence. Several issues must be examined in the development of community colleges. Colleges must shift from the historical paradigm of "original" knowledge, which resists outside intrusion and prevents course equivalencies, to the community-based paradigm, which advocates the development of courses based on community needs rather than individual faculty members' preferences. The four major purposes of community colleges include: (1) transfer; (2) remediation; (3) career education; and (4) community services. An increased need for resources coupled with extreme lack of funding remains an important problem. There has been a trend of greater state control as opposed to local community college board authority, in efforts to shift tax efforts to the state level. Despite the common consensus that teaching is the central enterprise, few institutions provide appropriate support for professional development programs for faculty due to fiscal constraints. Educational policies must reflect changing student demographics and foster a feeling of cooperation among community colleges. Each board of trustees must assess its own effectiveness and determine the paradigm through which it operates. Contains 13 references. (YKH)

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Author:Bender, Louis W.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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