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Perspective on the U.S. to WTO notification on farm subsidy spending.

In the Doha round of WTO negotiations, the U.S. has offered to limit amber-box payments to $7.6 billion. But, based on the WTO filing on farm subsidies last week, U.S. amber- box payments would ha e surpassed that mark in five of the last eight years, according to U.S. trade negotiator Joe Glauber. He also says our spending on overall trade distorting domestic supports would ha e been beyond the upper end of the Doha-proposed limit of $16.1 billion in se en of the last eight years. Glauber says despite charges to the contrary this means U.S. farm payments would be cut under either U.S.-proposed spending limits or the current offer on the negotiating table from the WTO.
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Publication:Pro Farmer
Date:Oct 6, 2007
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