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Personnel facts & figures.

Total Active Duty strength, fiscal years 1948-2009 330,159
           (Active Force)
Officer:           65,515
Enlisted:         264,644

Total:            330,159


Civilian strength, fiscal years 1948-2009 151,360


Reserve strength, fiscal years 1958-2009 68,872


Air National Guard strength, fiscal years 1948-2009 94,753


Active Air Force demographics

Average age of the officer force is   35
Average age of the enlisted force is  29

Of the force, 38.9% are below the age of 26

* 45.2% of the enlisted force are below 26 versus 13.61% of officers

men, total force:   80.6%
women, total force  19.4%

18.4% of the officers are women and 19.7% of the
enlisted force are women
Marital status

married, total force:                              59%

71.3% of the officers; 56% of the enlisted force
single, total force:                               41%

There are 32,977 active duty members married to anthor active duty member

* 1,370 of these are married to members of other military services
Overseas assignments

assigned stateside:  80%
assigned overseas:   20%

(includes Alaska and Hawaii)

* 9,634 officers and 57,554 enlisted
Family members

supported by active-duty members:  447,924

353,228 family members reside in an Airman's household
Total active federal military service

The average total active federal
military service is officer:        11 years
enlisted:                           8 years

Race of Airmen

The following percentages, which are self-reported, cover Air Force military members' racial information.
Race of Airmen

white:                                      73.4%
African-American or black:                  14.6%
Asia:                                        2.6%
more than one of the categories:             2.1%
native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander:   1.0%
American Indian or native Alaskan:           0.6%

5.6% declined to report their race

"Hispanic or Latino" is now considered an ethnic, not a racial, category
that is registered separately and in addition to the above racial

"Hispanic/Latino":      10.4%
"not Hispanic/Latino":    86%

3.9% declined to respond
Officer academic education

53% of the officers have advanced or professional degrees

master's degrees:      42.5%
professional degrees:   9.5%
doctorate degrees:      1.4%

Source of commission

Air Force Academy:               20.48%
Reserve Officer Training Corps:  43.13%
Officer Training School:         19.38%

Enlisted academic education

some semester hours:                     70.2%
associate's degree or equivalent hours:  18.7%
bachelor's degree:                        5.4%
master's degree:                          0.9%

Civilian employee demographics

U.S. citizens including U.S. nationals:  141,718

9,637 are foreign national employees

5 are other non-U.S. employees in the U.S. or a U.S. territory

average age:     46.4 years

Length of service

average length of service:   14.6 years
Retirement eligibility

more than 20 years:       27%
11-20 years:            28.9%
6-10 years:             17.3%
1-5 years:              16.3%
0.5 years ago:           8.7%
more than 5 years ago:     2%


men:     67%
women:   33%

The following percentages cover self-reported
Air Force civilian memoers' racial information.

white:                                      70.9%
African American or black:                    12%
Asian:                                         5%
American Indian or native Alaskan            1.1%
more than one of the categories:               9%
native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander:   0.3%

10.3% declined to report their race

"Hispanic or Latino" is now considered an ethnic, not a racial,
category that is registered separately and in addition to the above
racial categories.

"Hispanic/Latino":      6.7%
"not Hispanic/Latino"  93.3%
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