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TREE'S COMPANY Former Neighbour Emma Harrison is philosophical about her latest co-star. "It's the law of the jungle in Ramsay Street . . . you pay peanuts, you get monkeys," says the Aussie beauty

BARKING He may look like a dog, says Alicia Silverstone, but he's loyal and doesn't leave the toilet seat up.

GONE TO SEED Despite spending much of his spare time with his hand up an emu's bottom, aesthetically challenged Rod Hull still seems to be a big hit with the birds.

OWN GOAL Who says Melinda Messenger's got the market cornered? A hopelessly optimistic David Baddiel fantasises about a new career move.

THE FRIGHT STUFF Helena Christensen experiences the ultimate bad hair day, Robson Green is forced to read his new autobiography, Oprah Winfrey receives the appalling news that nobody has any intimate problems they'd like to discuss in public, while Frank Carson is in a bit of a pickle: "It's the way I smell 'em!"

RACING IN THE STREET Nice bodywork, excellent handling and miles of satisfaction. Oh and the bird perched on top is ex-Coronation Street star Sherrie Hewson . . .

UNDIE COVER Now, I know I forgot something. Get out of bed? Check. Have a shower? Check. Dry my hair? Check. Get dressed . . . oh my God! The truth suddenly dawns on forgetful Louise.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 16, 1997
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