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THE DISAPPEARING BACK FORTY: --and Long Island's rising deer population. Baio, Angelo Oct 1, 2017 1484
In the way he moves. Kroll, James C. Sep 1, 2013 1809
Chasing Cyclops: Kentucky hunter Jason Tuttle spent two entire seasons hunting one incredibly elusive bluegrass buck that came to be known as Cyclops. Herald, Tim Sep 1, 2013 2229
New York giants: and we're not talking football. These two superb Empire State whitetails prove the northeast has plenty of trophy potential. Brown, Jeff Sep 1, 2013 1919
Breaking the string: all streaks come to an end. Sometimes it only takes losing a lucky hat. Boddington, Craig Aug 1, 2013 1353
22 and counting. Fehr, Andrew Jul 1, 2013 870
Twister: Jeff Iverson's quest for one of Minnesota's best non-typicals ever. Iverson, Jeff Essay Mar 22, 2013 1962
The big: Joanie LaRose's clean Kansas 4x4 ranks near the top of the list when it comes to archery 8-pointers taken by female hunters. LaRose, Joanie Essay Mar 22, 2013 1779
Stopping by woods: "the woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep.". McNelis, Jeff Essay Mar 2, 2013 756
Pressing the Blade: as it turned out, Josh Barnard's blown opportunity on a buck named "Blade" was only the start of the story. Barnard, Josh Dec 1, 2012 3297
High-country Ghost. Greenwalt, Garry Dec 1, 2012 3222
Mastering Mufasa: for whitetail properties' Pete Alfano, identifying the giant Kansas non-typical named Mufasa was the easy part. The challenge came in finding a way to break through his defenses. Alfano, Pete Dec 1, 2012 1432
Final encounter: regardless of previous encounters, challenging conditions and missed opportunities, in the end, it all comes down to the ... Erickson, Michael Dec 1, 2012 2143
Keep your seat: there is nothing comfortable about sitting in a treestand from sunup to sundown, but if you want a crack at a wall hanger, that might be what it takes. How bad do you want it? Barringer, Bernie Oct 1, 2012 2178
Big bud down: Rich Baugh's three-year quest for an Iowa giant named Bud is proof-positive that diligent management and patience can pay off with some serious bone! Baugh, Rich Essay Oct 1, 2012 2359
Talkin' dirty: when the timing is right and the pre-rut is heating up, calling can be a deadly tactic for attracting mature bucks, but don't limit your strategy to buck vocalizations. Doe and fawn calls can help tip the balance in your favor! Allen, Thomas Oct 1, 2012 1517
Going after swamp ghosts: whether the wetlands in your area are hardwood swamps or low country marshlands, you can bet that mature bucks are making use of them. Warner, Darren Oct 1, 2012 1477
Means to an end: after a nerve injury to his left hand, Ohio hunter Matt Sheterom was forced to change his entire hunting strategy, but that didn't stop him from knocking down the buck of a lifetime! Sheterom, Matt Jul 25, 2012 2138
Shipwreck showdown: Sam Collora's neighbor and friend had the honor of giving the massive Iowa buck the name "Shipwreck," but it was Collora who first laid hands on the antlers. Bestul, Scott Jul 25, 2012 2742
Second-chance success: though it required two encounters with the massive 5x5, 16-year-old Seth Bisbee ultimately closed the deal on North Dakota's new typical archery state-record! Bisbee, Seth Jul 25, 2012 1773
A case for crossing over. Sebben, Josh Jul 24, 2012 966
Letting him walk. Fehr, Andrew Jun 19, 2012 798
The legend of old moses: neither hunting skill nor accuracy nor the best soil in the country can make up for simply being in the right place at the right time! Mentink, Adam Nov 1, 2011 2164
Roads less traveled: whether it's a new hunting area or a risky strategy, sometimes a new idea is what it takes to find success. The author's venture into eastern Colorado is evidence. Dobbs, Brad Nov 1, 2011 1362
Table coffee table buck: from the moment Royce Patterson spotted the heavy shed antlers on his guide's coffee table, he was focused on his quest for the massive Kansas whitetail. Patterson, Royce Nov 1, 2011 2006
A true hunter. Williams, Tim Nov 1, 2011 781
Buck in hand: Virgi Kidd was looking for a new challenge when he decided to try hunting whitetails with a pistol. What he ended up with was one of Pennsylvania's highest-scoring non-typicals ever! Kidd, Virgil Oct 1, 2011 1801
October overload: for Blaine Marion, harvesting a Wisconsin buck topping 200 inches was a memory to last a lifetime, but to share the experience among three generations of hunters was a dream come true. Marion, Blaine Oct 1, 2011 2154
Grand slam: Kyle Slama's son, logan, gave a Thanksgiving Day prediction that proved all too true! Slama, Kyle Oct 1, 2011 2324
Too many deer. Fehr, Andrew Oct 1, 2011 888
Heart land heart-stopper: at 18 years old, Ryan Cox had spent much of his life dreaming about killing a world-class whitetail. In a heartbeat, those dreams became reality. Cox, Byan Oct 1, 2011 2722
An Idaho icon: haunted by the shed antler of a particularly distinct buck for three years, Levi Dawes finally earned a shot at one of Idaho's greatest whitetails ever. Dawes, Levi Oct 1, 2011 2014
Family affair: from the moment they saw their first trail camera photo of the giant Kansas buck, Andy Gill and his son, Trent, were on a mission to bring his antlers home. Gill, Andy Oct 1, 2011 1632
Into the wind: mature bucks use the wind for more than detecting threats. Having a clear understanding of how bucks use the wind to their advantage can help you capitalize this season! Bartylla, Steve Oct 1, 2011 1535
The Bucks of summer: be the first hunter on your lease to join the big-buck contest. Howlett, Doug Sep 1, 2011 1095
The main event: whitetail properties broker gabe adair waited two years for a shot at the buck of a lifetime. In the end, a roll of the dice made all the difference ... Adair, Gabe Sep 1, 2011 2284
Going for gold: two-time Olympic speed skating gold medalist cathy turner had proven her ability to handle pressure on the ice, but last fall she had a chance to do so in the deer woods. Turner, Cathy Sep 1, 2011 2253
The house that Wheeler built: as the 2010 season approached, Mike Wheeler had killed 24 Pope & Young bucks in 24 consecutive years. but his quest for No. 25 would prove to be anything but business as usual... Wheeler, Mike Jul 29, 2011 2659
Ohio expectation: Chris Brazzell's first hunting trip to Ohio was hardly living up to his expectations, when his luck changed in a heartbeat. Brazzell, Chris Jul 29, 2011 2144
The keystone killer: Barry Kern overcame the odds to realize his shot at a true pennsylvania giant. Kern, Barry Jul 1, 2011 1851
The traditional way: cal Bergsma's illinois recurve kill is proof enough that no amount of technology can replace skilled woodsmanship and the right piece of ground. Bergsma, Cal Jul 1, 2011 2103
A walk to remember. Solomon, John Jun 28, 2011 833
The art of trimming lanes: butcher the woods around your stand and the buck of your dreams won't set foot within 60 yards. Trim too little and he'll walk right by your stand unscathed. Trimming shooting lanes is an art form, and fortunately, we've got a blueprint for you. Allen, Thomas Jun 28, 2011 1753
The lucky one: Kevin Petrzilka never thought of himself as lucky, until he found himself staring down the barrel at a buck that would challenge the typical world record. Petrzilka, Kevin Mar 22, 2011 1637
Louisiana's bayou 'backup' buck: Steve Lewis had planned on hunting ducks on Nov 24, 2009. Fortunately for him, poor weather conditions forced him to resort to a backup deer-hunting plan ... Harris, Glynn Mar 22, 2011 1583
A tough rut to crack. Whittington, Gordon Nov 1, 2010 481
Shooting with sticks. Metcalf, Dick Nov 1, 2010 1009
Going after Goliath: Tracy Atchison knew the only route to killing the Kansas buck he had named "Goliath" was straight down the barrel of a muzzleloader. Newcomb, Clay Nov 1, 2010 1347
Stay the course: persistence and dedication paid off for Jeff McCulley with a late-season Buckeye bruiser that will rewrite the record books! McCulley, Jeff Nov 1, 2010 2141
Blue's buck: when it's your first hunt in Iowa, on a piece of public land you've never seen, a little help from above can help to tip the odds in your favor. Just ask Sid Tingen. Templeton, Randy Nov 1, 2010 2358
The quest for Hook: a single trail camera photo fueled a two-year Odyssey for Travis Byrd that concluded with a shot at the buck of a lifetime. Byrd, Travis Nov 1, 2010 1540
The brotherhood buck: when the timing is right in the northern Alberta bush, anything can happen--and it can happen in a hurry. Need proof? Just ask Greg and Steve Whitenect. Whitenect, Greg Oct 1, 2010 2075
The last kill. Heinz, Wayne Oct 1, 2010 783
Trans Pecos delight: the Carmen whitetail is one of the least-known whitetail subspecies, but this Texas native offers hunters a big challenge in beautiful country. Guthrie, J. Sep 1, 2010 1633
The Saskatchewan skinny: ever dreamt of downing a massive, dark-racked Saskatchewan whitetail? It's time to turn those dreams into reality. Here's how. Nye, Rob Sep 1, 2010 2064
The pride of Prince George: Jack Nunnally has been hunting whitetails in the woods and wetlands of Virginia's Prince George County since he was 12 years old, but 2009 turned out to be the year his homeland produced the deer of a lifetime! Nunnally, Jack Sep 1, 2010 1542
Wayne's world: on Sept. 20, 2009, Wayne Schumacher arrowed the buck of a lifetime and wiped out the Wisconsin non-typical state record set just a year earlier. Schumacher, Wayne Sep 1, 2010 2319
Shedding light: with the help of at least four years of shed antlers, Mike Versland pieced together the mystery behind a Minnesota monster and dropped the hammer on his dream buck. Versland, Mike Sep 1, 2010 2183
Into the unknown: check out these five overlooked trophy whitetail destinations for a chance at a true wallhanger! Reilly, P.J. Sep 1, 2010 1219
Don't know, don't care. Fehr, Andrew Sep 1, 2010 869
A tough season, but a good one. Boddington, Craig Aug 1, 2010 2428
Shifting into gear. Whittington, Gordon Aug 1, 2010 650
Sleeper state: Oklahoma, one of the best-kept secrets for big whitetails. Guthrie, J. Jul 1, 2010 1042
The legends of Highland County. Hogan, Patrick Jul 1, 2010 736
Fall of a giant: forty-four yards. After multiple sightings and two seasons, Chris Kiernan's pursuit of a world-class whitetail buck came down to just 44 yards. The moment of truth had arrived. ... Kiernan, Chris Jul 1, 2010 1934
His way or the highway; that Tom Pisarchick downed a record-book buck 30 minutes into the first-ever crossbow season in Pennsylvania is impressive. That the kill took place from the ground, on public land, only a few hundred yards from an interstate highway is the stuff of legends ... Sorensen, Steve Jul 1, 2010 2149
A Virginia giant: John Feazell's 22-point Virginia mountain monster crushed the state record for non-typicals by nearly 24 inches! read on for the inside story behind his hunt. Ingram, Bruce Jul 1, 2010 2232
The scent of a Whitetail: when the trail went cold on four wounded Whitetails in 2009, John Engelken and his tracking dogs went to work, tracking and recovering 670 inches worth of antler in a single 24-hour period. These guys are good--really good. Breen, Tracy Jul 1, 2010 1770
Crossing over. Trout, John, III Essay Jul 1, 2010 862
Way too big! Never mind his net score. This monster, shot by Ohio's Brian Stephens on Nov. 30, 2009, is one of the most impressive whitetails ever! Stephens, Brian Personal account Feb 17, 2010 3061
The final gun: late-season hunting can be challenging, but with a little determination and grit, there are ways to close the deal on a mature buck. Templeton, Randy Feb 12, 2010 3002
The sad saga big of Louie: it's always a heartbreaker when a giant buck that has been seen and hunted in a certain area is found dead. Such is the case with this Illinois megabuck. Keefer, Greg; Dobie, Duncan Dec 1, 2009 2189
This one's for you, dad! Last season, when Iowa bowhunter Steve Binkley encountered the biggest buck of his career, he couldn't help but pay tribute to his dad for teaching him to become a hunter. Binkley, Steve Dec 1, 2009 2679
The Ghost Buck of Dry Ridge: Randy Delawder hunted this unusual Ohio buck for three seasons, but the big deer always disappeared every year before the rut. In 2008, Randy knew he would have to change his strategy if he wanted to hit pay dirt. Cross, Tom Dec 1, 2009 1700
My favorite whitetail: known far and wide as one of North America's top writers on hunting big game in Africa, this prolific hunter has long had a soft spot for gnarly whitetails. Boddington, Craig Dec 1, 2009 1927
A drop-tine buck for a Droptine Diva: as a member of this most unusual group of Wisconsin whitetail hunters, Tara Seiler had a most unusual encounter with the buck of a lifetime last season in early September. Knapp, Sarrah; Seiler, Tara Dec 1, 2009 1647
Three-year quest for a Tennessee megabuck: after spotting this huge buck in the summer of 2006, John Hutcheson and his dad bowhunted for the giant for the next two seasons. On his last hunt, just before the 2008-2009 season was about to end, John decided to hunt with a rifle. The rest is history. ... Hutcheson, John Dec 1, 2009 1819
A Grundy County giant: despite having limited time to bowhunt last season, avid whitetail hunter Joel Carpenter was determined to make every minute spent in the woods count, and he did so with amazing results! Carpenter, Joel Dec 1, 2009 1976
Sacred memories. Dobie, Duncan Nov 1, 2009 670
A Kansas wallhanger and then some: Kansas resident Chad Christie had chased whitetails for 20 years without ever downing a true wallhanger. Then, last season he made up for lost time by shooting an incredible buck. Here's how it happened. Christie, Chad Personal account Nov 1, 2009 2004
The largest antlered doe ever? Smith, Richard P. Oct 1, 2009 1035
A Delaware surprise: in 40 years of deer hunting, Robin Short had never seen a buck as big as the one that appeared in front of him last year on opening day of shotgun season. Short, Robin Personal account Oct 1, 2009 1467
Kentucky's 'Muy Grande': after he and his hunting companions got a trail camera photo of a giant non-typical, Robert Taylor thought that he would never see the buck again. But strange things often happen in the deer woods, and Robert ended up shooting a true bluegrass megabuck. Cooper, Bill Oct 1, 2009 2440
Putting the sneak on big bucks part 1: hunting on the ground is always challenging, but it can be highly productive if done properly. Here are some great tips from a veteran who knows how to put the sneak on mature bucks. Woods, Josh Oct 1, 2009 2258
Hunting suburban whitetails part 4: big bucks on tiny tracts: in this last installment about hunting suburban bucks, an expert bowhunter shares some unique insights about his experiences on hunting a close-in 7-acre tract where he had installed a small food plot to attract deer. Newcomb, Clay Oct 1, 2009 1614
Managing cull bucks: culling undesirable bucks from your herd is serious business, and there is much misinformation in the marketplace about how to do it. Here is some sound advice from an expert who has been managing his small farm in the Midwest for many years. Higgins, Don Oct 1, 2009 2189
Daniel's undoing: Scott Kruse and his brother-in-law had been watching a giant Wisconsin buck for several years. During the 2008 shotgun season, they planned to go all out in an effort to bag him. Kruse, Scott Oct 1, 2009 3353
Higher learning. Fehr, Andrew Oct 1, 2009 955
Grizzler's first hunt: who in his right mind would hunt with a primitive "front stuffer" instead of a modern scoped centerfire rifle on the first day of Missouri's 2008 firearms season? The author, that's who! Woods, Josh Sep 1, 2009 1125
The 'Field & Stream' buck: it seemed like every deer hunter in North America knew about this great buck, and avid bowhunter Bob Decker knew the deer lived in the area where he was hunting. But never in his wildest dreams did Bob think he would actually encounter the buck, much less get a shot at it! Decker, Bob Sep 1, 2009 2245
The Coal Mine Monarch: not only was the author hunting an extremely woods-wise buck that was known to be nocturnal, but he compounded the challenge of the task by hunting the elusive buck with a traditional longbow. Hilt, Ben Personal account Sep 1, 2009 2537
Cheating the ice man: having never hunted in Canada because he hates cold weather, Tim herald had an opportunity to hunt Saskatchewan during the October muzzleloader season last year before cold weather set in. he was not disappointed! Herald, Tim Sep 1, 2009 2001
Paying his dues: this Ohio bowhunter put in plenty of time chasing his dream buck, and everything finally came together on a spur-of-the-moment afternoon hunt in mid-October 2007. Cooper, Bill Sep 1, 2009 1114
The best bowhunt ever! Despite an ongoing battle with cancer, when Don Wages got together with his good friend Brent VanHoveln for a long overdue bowhunt in Illinois last year, it definitely turned out to be a day to remember! Vanhoveln, Brent Personal account Aug 1, 2009 2526
Bookend booners: the father-and-son team of Mike and Brock Benson have been managing their small ranch in Grayson County, Texas, for many years, and the magical 2007-2008 season proved to be the defining year for all of their hard work and effort. Benson, Brock Jul 1, 2009 2622
Quest for a 'little' giant: when Nate Lacost went hunting for a trophy Coues whitetail in the snowy mountains of Arizona last Dec. 28, he never dreamed he would arrow a new world record! Personal account Jul 1, 2009 1748
Testing the wind: without a doubt, a buck's most formidable defense is his sense of smell. in order to beat the buck, you must first beat his nose. Pridemore, Todd Personal account Jul 1, 2009 2344
My first whitetail: it's not quite where or how you might think, though. Boddington, Craig Personal account Apr 1, 2009 1035
Second chance: redemption comes easy, sometimes. Guthrie, J. Personal account Apr 1, 2009 911
Growing pains: growing pains: unexpected woes in whitetail management, Part 1. Dobie, Duncan Dec 1, 2008 1140
Humbled by whitetails: the greatest big-game animal in the world? Oh yeah, and for a reason. Boddington, Craig Dec 1, 2008 1005
New heights: want to get the drop on a mature buck? Think out of the box. Dobie, Duncan Oct 1, 2008 1255
Senility: two veteran hunters are treated to a rare glimpse. Dobie, Duncan Jul 1, 2008 1351
Big buck dreams: there is more to bagging a monster whitetail than seeing one in the woods ... Boddington, Craig Personal account Jun 1, 2008 1129
HOOKED ON HUNTING. Oitker, Randy Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 191
Coues Camp. MARINO, FRANKIE Jul 1, 2000 2452
THE WITNESS. Orth, Nick Oct 1, 1999 1530
Scent Maker Takes Big 10-Pointer. James, M.R. Oct 1, 1999 367
My Montana Mountain. James, M.R. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 857

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