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The hardest part was seeing all my friends die and wondering why I was still alive; While the world reels from the deadly Covid virus, Channel 4 drama It's A Sin has turned the spotlight back once more on AIDS, the terrifying unheard-of disease which ravaged the gay community in the 1980s. This is one man's story of survival against all odds... KIRSTY CARD Feature Writer Feb 9, 2021 1475
Help! Homosexuals after me -Paul Scata. Dec 5, 2020 276
My encounter with homosexual in Nollywood -Victor Iyke. Sep 19, 2020 197
Pride and joy. Mauricio, Julian Personal account Jun 19, 2020 818
MY GENDER ODYSSEY: Yes Virginia, you can be queer and nonbinary--and Living with HIV. Matson, Michael Feb 1, 2020 1179
I've lost great friends for no reason at all; I wrote about jealousy a little while ago; and how it eats you up and destroys lives and relationships. Jun 13, 2019 608
Faggot Turf. Bendorf, Oliver Baez Poem Nov 1, 2018 187
My life at a Korean law firm (part 34). Sep 22, 2018 509
I'm proud of my connection with Pride, but now it needs your help; MY SHOUT Pete Price. Jul 19, 2018 480
I'm always asked where Eileen is I just tell them she's at the bingo! Corrie's first gay character celebrates 15yrs on the cobbles; Antony Cotton on the soap fans who confuse fact and fiction; EXCLUSIVE. May 13, 2018 1102
I'm always asked where Eileen is I just tell them she's at the bingo! EXCLUSIVE; Corrie's first gay character celebrates 15yrs on the cobbles; Antony Cotton on the soap fans who confuse fact and fiction. May 13, 2018 1103
I had to sit my mum down and tell her I was going to play a gay character who will kiss women on TV; CORRIE STAR ON MISSION TO END TABOO. Apr 23, 2018 1091
An Unhealed Wound: Growing Up Gay in Panama. Vega, Juan A. Rios Personal account Jan 1, 2017 1914
I'm waiting on my marching Orders; Trans woman wants to rejoin Orange lodge. Aug 4, 2016 361
'Being gay is not the most important part of who I am'. Jul 10, 2016 1811
Searching for a home: one man's story of survival in the Syrian Civil War. Ramadan, Ahmed Danny Essay Mar 22, 2016 2203
Lisdoonvarna Willie: I want to help single gays find true love; Matchmaking king insists we all deserve some romance. Aug 31, 2015 400
Plight of miner stirred me into fighting prejudice against gay people; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Sep 6, 2013 589
I HOPE THERE ARE NO GAYS IN MY TEAM; GROUP C: ITALY v CROATIA, TOMORROW, 5.0 Cassano sparks row over homosexual jibe. Jun 13, 2012 383
Do I need to pin a target to my back? The definition of "particular social group" in U.S. asylum law. Sternberg, Nitzan Nov 1, 2011 25811
Butch's corner: moving?! Delphon, Skye Aug 1, 2011 492
I've been a part of the gay community for 30 years, says Danielle Staub. Jun 24, 2010 172
Pride across the pond: Manchester, England offers a welcome escape from the mainstream. Belge, Kathy Travel narrative Mar 1, 2010 1110
At home with Robert Mapplethorpe. Boyce, David B. Nov 1, 2008 2673
An ancient passion stirs in India. Connerney, Richard Essay Nov 1, 2008 2702
Increasing the environment *: a daily log chronicles the sacrifices one man makes for the good of the planet. White, Dave Column May 6, 2008 662
What happens here: two days, three shows, many, many strippers. Vegas is my kind of town. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Travel narrative Oct 1, 2007 1322
On being out as a college president. Hexter, Ralph J. Guest editorial May 1, 2007 1042
Outspoken. Goldman, Joe Brief article Oct 10, 2006 301
Fat Gregg is dead. Paz, Gregg Sep 12, 2006 404
Outspoken. Fisher, Ash Brief article Aug 15, 2006 340
Thick and Thin for binational couples: Argentinean-born filmmaker Sebastian Cordoba is bringing the plight of binational same-sex couples to the big screen with a powerful new documentary. Broverman, Neal Column Jun 6, 2006 476
Pride is more than a party. Brownworth, Victoria A. Jun 1, 2006 1060
Outspoken. Somerton, James Column May 23, 2006 354
Do we hate back? This gay ex-Baptist rejects moderation and advises a simple strategy against the far right: stay angry. Shores, Del Mar 14, 2006 603
No excuses for West: I have no sympathy for ousted Spokane mayor Jim West or other hypocritical closet cases. They didn't miss out on these years of greater gay visibility. They opted out. Savage, Dan Jan 31, 2006 1006
The Vatican drag. Mapa, Alec Jan 31, 2006 600
Outspoken: Bryan Kopel. Dec 6, 2005 386
Meeting Judy. Dec 6, 2005 584
Tab talks: the meeting of newly out '50s matinee idol Tab Hunter and radical literary lion Felice Picano produces some sparks and many remarkable exchanges--and the revelation that both slept with Anthony Perkins. Picano, Felice Interview Oct 11, 2005 3397
First impressions. Steele, Bruce C. Sep 13, 2005 570
Outspoken: Jack Harrison. Harrison, Jack Brief Article Aug 30, 2005 309
Poles, queers, and the pope: visiting Poland with his acclaimed queer play I Am My Own Wife, playwright Doug Wright is caught up in homophobic history with the death of John Paul II. Wright, Doug Jun 7, 2005 1405
A rainbow is a rainbow. Lisotta, Christopher Brief Article Mar 29, 2005 102
America's next top role models: the courageous and outrageous queens of America's Next Top Model are more than ready for prime time. Vary, Adam B. Jan 18, 2005 746
Against the odds: My partner and I have decided to fight for my children--whatever it takes. Owens, Mike Column Dec 21, 2004 515
The man behind the Housewives: how out creator Marc Cherry's insight into Desperate living led to one of TV's biggest hits. Goodridge, Mike Dec 21, 2004 666
More than coffee and sex. Brief Article Nov 9, 2004 317
Leslie Jordan's wise sass: the hilarious Leslie Jordan, foil of Will & Grace's Karen Walker, hits the stage with Like a Dog on Linoleum, his latest one-man show. Vary, Adam B. Nov 9, 2004 456
Whitehorse & frozen dreams: revisiting the Arctic of his youth, a Canadian writer finds his way home. Twa, Garth Oct 26, 2004 1582
Rushing to comeout: back in the 20th century, the Greeks didn't mix with "freaks." Now many fraternities and sororities welcome out pledges and support members who reveal they're gay or lesbian. Vary, Adam E. Oct 12, 2004 2170
My straight little brother. Nutter, Chris Aug 17, 2004 666
Sex and relationships: while the battle for same-sex marriage dominates the news, gay and lesbian couples have the spotlight. But not all of us opt for marriage or even monogamy. In this special report, 24 Advocate readers, ages 18 to 71, share their experiences of sex and relationships. Are the most enduring partnerships begun in the bedroom? Or is it something else that brings and keeps us together? Aug 17, 2004 3234
Saugatuck: Michigan's secret treasure. Wozek, Gerard Aug 17, 2004 572
Meet the president. Jenatton, Morgan Brief Article Feb 17, 2004 275
Telling their stories. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 126
First-time out. (People). Aug 19, 2003 3509
How to be gay in Beijing. (Essay). Rubin, Kyna May 1, 2003 4056
Papa was a Jehovah's Witness. (Essay). D'Haene, Donald Jul 1, 2002 3878
The lure of pure Spirit. (Essay). Kucinski, John P. Jul 1, 2002 1613
Life goes on: surviving partners of victims of the terrorist attacks take different approaches to the same goal--getting on with their lives. (Survivors). Stefanakos, Victoria Scanlan Jan 22, 2002 2043
Citizen Bunky: the gay housemate from Big Brother 2 talks about returning to his small hometown to find supportive friends and a homophobic mayor. Allen, Dan Oct 9, 2001 549
Chad Allen his own story: the former teen idol and current actor-producer-activist tells all about his 1996 tabloid outing, his circuit party days, and his road to self-acceptance. Vilanch, Bruce Cover Story Oct 9, 2001 3501
Charles in charge: with his acclaimed one-man show headed for off-Broadway, pop-culture oddball Charles Nelson Reilly has the last laugh. Duralde, Alonso Oct 9, 2001 1207
SOUL MAN. NEFF, LISA Jul 18, 2000 1327
My Gay Agenda. BOYD, RANDY Jun 22, 2000 2210
The barricades on the inside. Capehart, Jonathan Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 689
A kiss is just a kiss. Vilanch, Bruce Brief Article Dec 7, 1999 701
It could have been me. DENIZET-LEWIS, BENOIT Biography Oct 12, 1999 1524
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Mar 30, 1999 3811
"It didn't Work!". Miller, Stuart Abstract Nov 24, 1998 1937
Strongly differ. Schexnayder, Jim; Harvey, John Letter to the Editor Sep 18, 1998 332
Bob Paris. Paris, Bob Brief Article Aug 18, 1998 540
Partying for pride. Vilanch, Bruce Column Jul 7, 1998 701
The mysterious lure of straights: why do some gay men and lesbians fall in love with heterosexuals. Gallagher, John Cover Story Feb 17, 1998 1573
What happens when child says, 'I'm gay'? Catholic parents join for support, ministry. Colbert, Chuck. Sep 19, 1997 3141
We're in business. Tobias, Andrew Apr 29, 1997 523
Truth serum: on sodium pentothal, his secret comes out. Cooper, Bernard Apr 1, 1994 4628
Sometimes I think I'd rather be a movie star than an artist. Pierson, Jack Jan 1, 1994 989
Our queer world: true confessions. Tucker, Scott Sep 1, 1993 1053
Irish gays busy dodging croziers and shillelaghs. Unsworth, Tim Column Apr 23, 1993 1410
Confessions of an opera queen. Koestenbaum, Wayne Feb 1, 1993 2038
'If you don't know what hurts me, how can you truly love me?' (gay priest's letter to the Pope) (Column) Column Dec 18, 1992 2843

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