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Wanting men to find me attractive is part of my DNA -Jane Fonda; The actress and activist, 83, said despite being a feminist she pays more attention to how she looks if she is seeing a man rather than a woman. By, Keiran Southern, PA & Josh Luckhurst Oct 6, 2021 288
They Displayed My Mock Coffin Publicly~ Jonathan. Sep 25, 2021 484
'Inside Extinction Rebellion -secrets behind the scenes and why I had to leave'; You might hate Extinction Rebellion's tactics, but they undeniably work. I was there for two years, but in the end I had to leave, explains Anna Highfield. By, Anna Highfield Sep 2, 2021 999
I had to do something spectacular; MIRROR THURSDAY 29.07.2021 Ex-Paralympian activist guilty of nuisance after he glued himself to jet. HENRY VAUGHAN Jul 29, 2021 483
Scottish education: SNP should listen to Jack McConnell's call for radical rethink - Cameron Wyllie; I grew up in West Lothian and I learned about Scottish politics in the late 60s and early 70s at the knee of my father, who was an SNP activist throughout his adult life. Cameron Wyllie Dec 2, 2020 1087
Human rights activist Chen Guangcheng who exposed forced abortion in China praises Trump's 'courage' at RNC: 'I'm forever grateful to the American people for welcoming me and my family to the United States where we are now free,' proclaimed Chen Guangcheng. Sep 1, 2020 469
MY LIFE BILLY KAY; Billy Kay, a Scottish writer, broadcaster and language activist, will present a series on the Declaration of Arbroath on BBC Radio Scotland in early April, and had been due to make a speech on the importance of the declaration at a concert in Arbroath next week. Mar 28, 2020 603
'I thought I was dying. It was terrifying. But it turned out it was my body reacting to the stress. It was a wake-up call' PRIMARY HEADTEACHER'S SHOCK DIAGNOSIS FOLLOWING MONTHS OF ANTI-LGBT PROTESTS OUTSIDE HER SCHOOL EXCLUSIVE. JANE HAYNES Politics & People Editor Mar 16, 2020 1126
Why I told the world I'm autistic: As the first openly autistic actor to star as a regular in a TV series, Kayla Cromer crushes stigmas and shines as Matilda on Freeform's Everything's Gonna Be Okay, premiering this month. Here, she shares her story--and why she decided to become an activist for people on the spectrum. Cromer, Kayla Jan 30, 2020 1138
I Used To Sleep On Bare Floor But My 'Level' Has Changed; I Pray Nigeria Gets Better Too -#RevolutionNow Protester. Aug 24, 2019 1093
Disney's Mulan faces boycott as actress backs crackdown on Hong Kong protesters; Liu Yifei has been slammed after she shared a post that read 'I support the Hong Kong Police. You can all beat me up now.". Aug 17, 2019 568
I Am Not Becoming A Political Activist -Singer Falz. May 25, 2019 1573
Just wanted to save myself and my donkey, says child fruit vendor robbed by protesters. Nov 6, 2018 226
Just wanted to save myself and my donkey, says child fruit vendor robbed by protesters. Nov 5, 2018 221
Why I Became a School Nurse Activist. Cogan, Robin Guest commentary Mar 1, 2018 1019
I'm a campus sexual assault activist. It's time to reimagine how we punish sex crimes. Feb 25, 2018 1224
Activism and inwardness. Schneider, Nathan Jun 1, 2015 5186
Second generation activists: what sayeth the children of Sister's activist mothers? Jun 1, 2014 880
I don't know why I went out to play the pipes but I was not scared; UKRAINE HORROR EYEWITNESSES ON BLOODSHED IN KIEV; Lone bagpiper Eugene relives the day he rallied protesters; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 21, 2014 423
When I saw 4 sex offenders walk past me in the street.. I knew I had to takeaction; DMUULS ANTI-PERV ACTIVIST SPEAKS OUT 'PAEDO HUNTER' REFUSES TO GIVE UP. Aug 14, 2013 808
They've made me an Olympic torchbearer in Stratford... but I've no idea how I can get there! DISABLED RIGHTS ACTIVIST TOLD SHE MUST TRAVEL 20 MILES FROM HER HOME CITY TO CARRY FLAME. Mar 31, 2012 510
Talking 'bout my generation: what young and old can learn from each other in the battle for freedom. Lynn, Barry W. Mar 1, 2012 855
How I was beaten by protesters... Jan 29, 2012 375
In the battle of the open heart. Flores-Williams, Jason Essay Nov 1, 2011 4332
40 days for life, Moncton. Matchett, Brenda Personal account Apr 1, 2011 468
An activist protest. Jan 1, 2010 2075
What really happened. Sheehan, Cindy Jun 22, 2006 994
Called to 'courage in midst of fear': blog of Christian activist murdered in Iraq provides guidance for handling the tragedy. Guntzel, Jeff Severns Mar 24, 2006 1463
Geezerstock: confessions of an aging hippie. Krassner, Paul Jan 31, 2005 1171
In full bloom. Walker, Alice (American writer) Sep 20, 2004 1203
Excited by silence. Chan, Sabrina Brief Article Oct 28, 2003 278
'We didn't plan to be gun-control activists'. Milonopoulos, Theo Oct 13, 2003 522
40 years later ... Have we overcome yet? (40th Anniversary of The March on Washington: 1963-2003). Aug 1, 2003 3028
What's happening with the Bangor Airport incident. (The Threat to Civil Liberties). Oden, Nancy Mar 22, 2002 2541
Why I Organize. (In Memory of). Drake, Jim Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 519
Through the looking glass. Polnachek, J. Lee Jan 1, 2001 3662
BUTTON UP. Kennedy, Ryan Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 641
Organizing for Social Change: What We Did Right, What Went Wrong, How We Can Overcome. Miller, Mike Dec 22, 2000 3581
Equality Rocks: A love story. Birch, Elizabeth Jun 6, 2000 730
I do, therefore I am. Kuehl, Sheila Brief Article Aug 17, 1999 773
Loss, Renewal, and Frida's Blue House. McCaughan, Edward J. Jun 22, 1999 2541
Renewal. Platt, Anthony M. Brief Article Jun 22, 1999 859
Twenty-Five Years of Involvement in Social Justice. Thomas, Suzie Dod Jun 22, 1999 1760
Social Justice: 25 Years on Social Justice Has an Important Task. Williams, David Jun 22, 1999 1191
Sisters fight for treaty rights. Preston, Mark D. Brief Article Nov 1, 1998 425
Speaking truths people don't like to hear. Jones, Arthur Brief Article May 29, 1998 1408
Teamster tragedy: Carey is dead, long live the reformers. Larkin, Jim Cover Story Jan 1, 1998 1664
Positions available: candidates for 1998; long hours, low pay. Nichols, John Biography Jan 1, 1998 1493
Love in action. McCarthy, Colman Column Mar 1, 1997 1496
Forging fragile alliances. Solinger, Rickie Feb 1, 1997 2368
Learning and change. Palano, Lori Sep 1, 1996 620
Nobody's Nader: the tough activist has some kind words for Buchanan, but none for Clinton. Smith, Wesley J. Interview Jul 1, 1996 1414
Lessons of November. Reed, Adolph, Jr. Column Feb 1, 1995 2519
Seamless garment week to celebrate life: coalition of activists rejects fragmentation. Jones, Arthur Jan 13, 1995 1147
Hellraiser! Spector, Carrie Column Jan 1, 1995 465
Wildlife defender. Fantle, Will Interview Jan 1, 1995 694
Greeks and granolas and steeps and slackers: a guide to the surprising new activists on campus - and the people who loathe them. Loeb, Paul Rogat; Brockway, Michele Sep 1, 1994 4275
A fierce responsibility. Mencimer, Stephanie Interview Mar 1, 1994 389
Catholic Workers stir things up in Iowa. Baldwin, Robert F. Feb 25, 1994 1387
What is to be done? Nathan, Debbie Column Jan 1, 1994 1023
Broadcasting and philosophy not wasted down on the farm. Gibeau, Dawn Interview Nov 5, 1993 956
Getting the lead out. Countryman, Carol Nov 1, 1993 612
Targets of opportunity. Reed, Adolph, Jr. Column Oct 1, 1993 2021
Where good is going on in her orbit, she's in it. Martinez, Demetria Sep 17, 1993 460
Peace crumbles on the way to Sarajevo. McCarthy, Tim Aug 27, 1993 5547
Women-Church: a way to stay while patriarchy wears away. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Column Aug 13, 1993 1191
Mothers take on the police. Howland, George, Jr. Aug 1, 1993 767
Diving in. Klein, Jeffrey Editorial Jul 1, 1993 575
The truth of Rodney King. Jordan, June Jun 1, 1993 2988
Asian, American, feminist. Interview Jun 1, 1993 729
Susan Faludi. Conniff, Ruth Interview Jun 1, 1993 5722
Convert (to peace economy) and be saved. Interview May 28, 1993 580
Conversations with Bondy. Page, Benjamin B. Apr 1, 1993 4951
Worried mom cleans up. Countryman, Carol Feb 1, 1993 522
The real 'big chill' in Michigan. Frank, Ellen Perley Oct 31, 1987 2308

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