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Personal cult.

People get so biographical with me They expose and open themselves like scrolls All the time telling me where they are in their lives And where they want to be Who they could have been, if only So I tell them: There is a certain glade On a certain hill among the heather And if you go there and leave me to myself You will become everything you could have been, if only I promise this, and take the time to smile at them as they head out This nearly always works Unless the mojo is wrong Or I am lonely and out of cigarettes, Or unless I love them, which always kills the lie And sets the hill on fire.

Dominique LaBaw was chosen as one of the best new poets of the 1990's by L.A. Weekly magazine. She lives in Los Angeles.
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Author:LaBaw, Dominique
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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