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Personal Surround Sound Arrives via Dolby Headphone; Dolby Laboratories and Lake DSP Join Forces to Introduce Multichannel Audio System for Headphones.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 8, 1998--Dolby Laboratories Inc. and Lake DSP of Sydney, Australia, Tuesday announced that the two companies have agreed to develop and market a new technology that allows consumers to enjoy multichannel surround sound on conventional stereo headphones.

Dubbed "Dolby Headphone," the system will be featured primarily in multichannel audio/video products incorporating Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoding, but will also work with two-channel stereo programs.

With Dolby Headphone technology, consumers can use their favorite headphones to experience programs as if they were listening in a cinema or a fine home theater.

Roger Dressler, director of Technology Strategy for Dolby Laboratories, explained: "Traditional stereo playback on headphones, while pleasant, creates a shallow but extremely wide stereo effect that appears `in your head.'

"Dolby Headphone allows the listener to hear the sound much more naturally, out in front and out of head -- and due to the full 5.1-channel surround capability of the system, more than one person can watch a movie from `the best seat in the house.'"

The sophisticated Dolby Headphone technique is performed in a digital signal processor chip (DSP), which makes it easy to include in DVD Video players, upcoming DVD Audio players, set-top cable boxes, satellite receivers, digital televisions, VCRs, personal computers, video-game consoles, A/V surround decoders, auto sound systems, multimedia speaker systems and even headphone portables.

Brian Conolly, managing director and chief executive officer of Lake DSP, stated: "We are delighted to be working with Dolby Laboratories on this project. We have long held the belief that the ability to listen to surround sound in headphones would have a wide appeal."

"The technology Lake created leaps over the final barriers to 5.1-channel audio," said Dolby's John Kellogg, general manager of Multichannel Audio and Music Production. "It brings the multichannel audio experience to an entirely new audience who, until now, were either unable or unwilling to install the necessary equipment to enjoy 5.1 audio in their homes. Now everyone can enjoy multichannel audio."

Leonard Layton, marketing director at Lake DSP, explained: "Our experience in headphone technology development, coupled with Dolby's dedication to multichannel audio delivery, creates a winning combination. We are excited about the tremendous impact this will have on many consumers."

Lake DSP, based in Sydney, has for eight years been developing hardware and software products and licensable technologies for the automotive, telecommunications, professional audio and acoustic research fields. More information on Lake DSP can be obtained at the company's Web site:

Dolby Laboratories is the developer of audio signal processing systems used worldwide in consumer audio and video products, on consumer audio and video entertainment media, and in professional sound applications that include music recording, broadcasting and motion-picture sound. The privately held company has headquarters in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Tokyo and European headquarters in England.

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Date:Dec 8, 1998
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