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Personal Finance newsletter's new control is a #10 "issue-log".

To the words catalog, magalog, and bookalog, we can now add issue-log--thanks to freelance copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm. She beat her own control for KCI Communications' Personal Finance, which was an "issue-log" self-mailer. She beat it with a DM "old faithful"--a #10 envelope featuring the simple teaser, "Current Issue Enclosed."

The folded newsletter inside the envelope looks like what some still call a compiled issue--a compelling combination of urgency and evergreen.

In an article in Inside Direct Mail (July 2004), Paul Barbagallo quotes Schwalm: "'Most consumers, when they get their mail, look for things to throw out first. The mail that they are going to hang on to must have value,' says Schwalm, commenting on why she advised KCI to mail an envelope package. 'Most [readers] in our marketplace probably lead 99 lives, and subscribe to more than one newsletter. [Our] hope is that people get this acquisition effort and think, "Oh, this is something I subscribe to." It's not always top of mind that they don't.'"

Barbagallo writes, "By mailing a quasi-advertorial cloaked in a #10 wrapper, Personal Finance is seeking to get its promotion into recipients' piles of mail to be reviewed in more depth, says Schwalm.

"But regardless of consumers' initial response to the effort, the 34-year-old investment newsletter is not printing a false statement on the outer envelope, such as: 'Here's The Current Issue You Ordered ...' It also affirms its credibility by employing prominent, boxed-in copy at the top of the issue-log's cover:


Schwalm told Barbagallo, "We're not exactly lying. The [outer envelope] just doesn't give it away that it is advertising.

"Since this #10 became the control, KCI has taken the same idea and tested it with several other of its investment newsletter promotions that are now controls," Schwalm said.
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