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Person centred planning and care management with people with learning disabilities.


Person centred planning and care management with people with learning disabilities.

Ed. by Paul Cambridge and Steven Carnaby.

Jessica Kingsley Pub.


240 pages




Since its first promotion and implementation in 2001. Person-centered planning (PCP) has been applied to a variety of settings. However, often PCP services become isolated from each other, both at the micro- and macro-levels. In these 14 articles, contributors describe integrating services for the benefit of people with learning disabilities, including critical reviews of past experiences. Topics include analyzing relationships between care management and PCP, managing the tensions between the interests of organizations and service users, promoting empowerment, involving young people, turning planning into services through total communication, addressing ethnicity, reviewing PCP results, considering direct payments, facing risk, and using PCP in the adult protection process.

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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