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Permutations of United States capitals.

This article was prompted by Darryl Francis's article "Transposing the State Capitals" in the November 2001 Word Ways. My apologies to Darryl for treading on his tail, but he lit upon a real challenge. I simply report what I found, but where Darryl has found other permutations (transpositions), I note those so that readers have one combined source. (He used sources other than those quoted below.) In addition, I include a number of plurals unearthed by Susan Thorpe.

It is interesting to note that some capital placenames exist in the UK, and others permute into other placenames in North America. I particularly liked the permutation of Washington. There are more permutations for Austin (27) than for Darryl's champion, Salem, but Salem below now has 31 so retains its laurels.

Where the form of a word is not obvious (initial cap, etc.) I put that form first after the bracket. Where no word follows the OED label, the solution word is a headword. Where a word follows OED, it is the headword of which the solution word is a variant or precursor, except where a solution follows, when the solution word is to be found in the quote. Words often appear in several quotations, but only one is cited. Labels I use are Ch (Chambers), CGNA (Columbia Gazetteer of North America), DF (Darryl Francis), OED (Oxford English Dictionary), OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), ST (Susan Thorpe), TEA (The Electronic Alveary), TIG (Times Index-Gazetteer), and Web2 (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition) A personal name is labeled pname, and a quotation is labeled q.

ALBANY New York (also Tyne and Wear): ANLABY (in Humberside, also Hull and Anlaby Road in OED founderous 1767q), BALAYN (OED baleen)


AUSTIN Texas AIUNTS (pl of Latin aiunt, OED meeting (1548q), ANTI-US (OED antiae), AUINTS (pl of auint, OED afind 1200q), AUNTIS (OED rubric 1440q), IAUNTS (OED jaunt 1558q), IN'SAUT (OED), INSUTA (OED straw 1641q), ITANUS (historiographer, OED niggot), ITUNAS (pl of Ituna, SW Saskatchewan), IUTANS (pl of iutan, OED J), IUTNAS (pl of iuntna, OED kin 1000q), NASUTI (pl of OED nasutus), NATIUS (OED dun 1000q), STAUIN (OED great 1300q), SUIANT (OED suant, TAINUS (OED sac 1086q), TANUIS (OED swift 1590q pname), TIUNAS (pl of Old Frisian tiuna, OED teen), TUAIN (pl of Scot two, OED), TUINAS (DF: pl of Tuina in Ch), TUSIAN (OED touse), UATSIN (Ch, Nahuatl for hoatzin bird), UINTAS (DF: pl of Uinta in Web3), UNAITS (pl of unait, vf of unnait, OED adj), UNIATS (Ch, Maronite sect) UNITAS (Ch, Unitas Fratrum, under Moravian), UTIANS (pl of Old Eng utian, OED out).

BISMARCK North Dakota Bismarck in OED is jelly or jelly-filled doughnut

BOISE Idaho BIOSE (OED), BISEO (OED cell 1305q), BOEIS (pl of boei, Dutch precursor of buoy, OED buoy), BOIES (OED bole), BOSIE (OED), I-BEOS (pl of I-beo, past part of be, OED), IBOES (pl of iboe, OED water 1918q), IOBES (proper noun, OED Saturn 888q), OBEIS (OED obey), OBIES (OED US Theatre awards), SEIBO (Santa Cruz del Seibo = El Seibo, East Dominican Republic CGNA)

[c] Rex Gooch 2002 BOSTON Massachusetts BONOTS (pl of Bonot, Governor of Orkney, OED appoint 1759q), BOTONS (OED button 1525q), NO-BOTS (pl of no-bot, OED hollow 13xxq)

CHARLESTON West Virginia CHARLETONS (OED stealth 1668q Charleton's), ENTROCHALS (pl of entrochal, OED adj), HORN-CASTLE (Lincolnshire), NORTHSCALE (North Scale, Cumbria), RANCHOTELS (pl of ranchotel, OED unit 1953q)

DENVER Colorado DERVEN (OED derve), DREVEN (OED drive), ENERV'D (OED enerve), NERVED (OED nerve), REVEND ("sell again", or Rev'end for Reverend, both OED), VENDER (OED), VENDRE (OED quominus 1642q, or modern French "to sell"), VERDEN (Grady Co, Oklahoma CGNA or Hanover, Germany TIG 1922 or OED after 1205q), VNDERE (OED under), VNERED (OED uneared 1440q), VNREDE (OED unred), VREEND (OED friend), VRENDE (OED friend)

DES MOINES Iowa DEMONISES (OSPD, OED demonize 1821q), DESMOSINE (medical), DIMESONES (pl of dimesone, Stedman), MESIODENS (Stedman), MODINESSE (OED moodiness 1175q).

DOVER Delaware DERVO (OED tree), DEVOR (OED devoir), DREVO (OED tree), DROVE (many!), OVER'D (OED over 1825q), ROVDE (OED rove 1579q), ROVED (many), VEDOR (OED veedor), VEDRO (OED), VODER (OSPD, or Voder in OED random 1939q), VORDE (OED worth), VORED (TEA), VREDO (OED burning 1552q)

HARTFORD Connecticut (also Cheshire): RADFORTH (Radforth OED physiognomic 1971q)

HELENA Montana ANHELE (OED), ENHALE (OED), HAELEN (OED heal), HAENEL (medical), HAENLE (Haenle, person, OED puteanic 1834q), HANELE (OED anneal), HEALEN (OED heal), HEELAN (Heelan OED teedle 1800q), HENLEA (unpreferred genus name for Thryallis, a dicotyledon), HLAENE (OED lean), LEHANE (J Lehane Basketball Fund, OED man 1981q)

JACKSON Mississippi (also Jackson Bridge, West Yorkshire): JANOCKS (OED jannock 1655q)

LANSING Michigan ANGLINS (pl of Anglin, author of ref works, OED toe 1976q), GLANINS (pl of glanin, OED magged 1903q), LANINGS (ST: pl of OED laning), LANSIGN (= language sign, OED language 1946q), LINGANS (OED roset 1774q), LINSANG (many), NINGALS (pl of ningal, Bloomsbury Thesaurus), SLINGAN (OED sling)

MADISON Wisconsin ADONISM (Bloomsbury Thesaurus), AMIDONS (pl of amidon, Web2), ASMONDI (Asmondi, a demon, OED father 1916q), DAIMONS (OSPD), D-AMINOS (pl of damino, OED peptidoglycan 1975q), DAMIONS (Damion's [or plural] OED round-house 1958q), DAMONIS (Damonis = of Damon, OED Latian 1879q), DAMOSIN (OED damson), DIAMONS (= diamonds, OED pointed 1575q), DIMONAS (pl of Dimona, author OED yacht 1974q), DOMAINS (Mathematical Glossary of Exciting, Enervating, Scintillating, and Vibrant Terms [privately published], and many other sources), DOMINAS (pl domina), MAIDONS (OED head 1400q), MANDIOS (pl of mandio, OED manioc), MANIDOS (ST: pl of OED manido = Manitou), MONDIAS (pl of m ondia, a genus of dicotyledon), MONIDAS (pl of Monida, town on Montana-Idaho border), ODISMAN (OED oddsman)


MONTPELIER Vermont (also Avon): PILOREMENT (OED pilor)

NASHVILLE Tennessee ILL-SHAVEN (OED nail 1973q)

OLYMPIA Washington (also a prime exhibition center in London): POLYMIA (Polymia OED favourable 1374q)

PIERRE South Dakota PEIRER (OED pairer 1400q), PEIRRE (OED grison, grison stone = peirre de grison), PERIER (OED perer), PERIRE (OED after 1663q), PERRIE (OED), PREIER (OED), PREIRE (OED), PRERIE (OED prairie 1682q), PRIERE (OED prayer), REPEIR (OED repair 1330q), REPIER (OED), REPRIE (OED), RIPERE (OED reaper)

RALEIGH North Carolina (also Devon): HALIGRE (OED nought 825q), HEILAGR (OED holy), HERIGAL (Herigal OED death 1205q), HRAEGIL (OED thrile 1000q), LAIGHER (TEA)

SACRAMENTO California CARTONEMAS (pl of cartonema, generic name of a bladderwort), ESTRAMACON (French fencing cut estramagon OED estrama-zone)

SALEM Oregon AELMS (pl of Danish aelm, OED elm), ALEMS (ST: pl of OED alem), ALMES (OED), AMELS (DF: pl of OED amel), AMSEL (OED), ELAMS (OED helm 1862q), ELMAS (Elmas, Sardinia OED overfly 1946q), ESMAL (OED amal), LAEMS (pl of laem, OED loam), LAMES (to lame), LEAMS (plural OED), LEMAS (ST: pl of OED lema), LEMSA (Lemsa, village near Tangier, OED fonduk 1891q), MAELS (ST: pl of OED mael), MALES, MASEL (OED), MASLE (OED male), MEALS, MELAS (Melas, Turkish rug, Web2), MELSA (Melsa OED rood 1396q), MESAL (OED), SALME (OED), SAMEL (OED), SAMLE (OED sam), SEALM (OED psalm), SELAM (OED), SELMA (Selma, Alabama CGNA), SEMAL (OED), SMAEL (OED small), SMALE (Smale, Monroe Co, Arkansas CGNA, or OED small), SMEAL (OED small).

SALT LAKE CITY Utah DF suggested the neologism CATALYST-LIKE

SANTA FE New Mexico AEFTANS (pl of aeftan, OED aft), FAESTAN (OED fast), FAESTNA (OED trim 840q), FANTASE (OED fantasy), FEASANT (OED pheasant), NAFATES (pl of nafate, medical)

SPRINGFIELD Illinois DF noted the unsourced phrase FRINGED LIPS from Dmitri Borgmann's Language on Vacation.

ST PAUL Minnesota PAULTS (OED pault verb), PLATUS (OED plate 1290q), PLAUTS (medical or plural of Plaut, author of Steuben Glass OED Steuben 1948q), PULTAS (OED),

SPATUL (OED), SPAULT (OED), STAPUL (OED), STUPLA (OED stubble) TAPULS (OED tapul noun), TUPALS (pl of tupal, Web1)

TOPEKA Kansas KAPOTE (Pulliam, Complete Word Game Dictionary), OPTAKE (OED uptake 1297q), TEPOKA (Tepoka Indians OED sand 1901q)

TRENTON New Jersey ONTRENT (OED namaqa 1668q)

The nation's capital, WASHINGTON, yields NOWANIGHTS (Pulliam, Complete Word Game Dictionary), which is hyphenated in OED. As a bonus, I suggest a few permutations for capitals of US dependent territories:


KOLONIA Federated States of Micronesia ILOKANO (Web2), OOLIKAN (OED oolakan 1953q)

SAIPAN North Marianas A-PAINS (pl of a-pain, OED adv), APIANS (pl of apian, of bees), APINAS (pl of apina, Web2), ASPIAN (Aspian wild goat, OED wild 1688q), PAIANS (pl of paian, OED paean), PAISAN (OED peasant), PANAIS (OED parsnip), PANIAS (pl of pania, OED Pawnee 1806q), SPANIA (Spania OED Spainol).

How about Pago Pago, Charlotte Amalie and San Juan?
 The Text Deletes Selected Letters

 As the above sentence illustrates, Eunoia (beautiful thinking) is written
 under various linguistic constraints. In the first chapter each word
 contains one or more of the letter A (and no other vowels), the second
 features E, and so on. Christian Bok, a Canadian poet, listed beforehand
 all admissible words in the dictionary, and then proceeded to write this
 essay using some 98 per cent of them. Like palindromes, such stories make
 local sense but of necessity bewilderingly shift from one topic to the
 next; the effect is disorienting (even dizzying), but nonetheless
 captivating. He even makes a point of introducing several common themes in
 each chapter. When it comes to undressing the fair sex,

 A clasp snaps apart, and a scant shawl falls She sheds her velvet dress,
 lets repellent men pet her tender flesh Slim girls might strip, jiggling
 tits, wiggling hips Hot blonds who doff cotton frocks show off soft bosoms
 Ubu untucks Ruth's muumuu,' thus Ruth must untruss Ubu's tux

 Bok, who admits to inspiration from the French OuLiPo, "required seven
 years of daily perseverance for its consummation". This slim (105 pages)
 paperback is available from Coach House Books for $16.95 (ISBN
Rex Gooch
Letchwoth, Herts, England
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No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
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