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Permit processing increases.

ATF told NSSF last December the volume of permit applications, combined with staffing shortages, has resulted in increased processing times for ATF import applications. Actual processing time for Form 6 Part I (ATF Form 5330.3A) is currently 12 weeks.

ATF advises requests for expedited processing will not be entertained except for permits associated with federal, state and local government agencies and evidenced by a government contract or purchase order, with an immediate need for imported products.

Licensed importers should monitor approved permits for expiration dates and submit new applications well in advance of the 12-week timeframe. Applications to import new products should also be submitted with this timeframe in mind. New examiners are being trained to begin work after the first of the year. However, the existing backlog and a growing volume of imports of defense articles into the US may result in continued delays in processing import permits.

Importers should consider submitting ATF Form 6 via ATF's e-forms process. Submitting forms in hard copy typically takes 4 weeks longer than e-forms. Importers should also expect delays in ATF's issuance of International Import Certificates, ATF Form 4522. ATF is processing the certificates for articles on ATF's United States Munitions Import List. The Department of State and Department of Commerce recently took the position to discontinue processing IICs. ATF will continue to process IICs for permanent import of commodities falling under their jurisdiction. Processing time for International Import Certificates is currently 12 weeks and in support of an approved ATF Form 6.--Courtesy NSSF
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Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Feb 27, 2014
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