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Permission to be pissed. (On the Edge).

I am annoyed. Irked. Put out. OK, wait a minute. Could it be true that too many women have trouble expressing anger? And I'm one of them?

Surely not.

Let's try this again.

I am angry. I am irked. I am enraged.

Not bad. I'm almost there.

I AM REALLY PISSED. There, I feel I'm getting somewhere.

And just where might that be? Glad you care enough to ask.

I am pissed at the way women are treated in sports, is where. Not in 1903, 1933, 1953, 1993, but still... today. 2003.

Let me, in full outraged rant, elucidate.

I was already umbraged at Stupid-Head down in Augusta, Georgia who insists women will not putt their way into the Augusta National Golf Course while he is still president of the club. Sure, Hootie Johnson can't live forever and the truth is, we'll outlast him, the game of golf will go on and so will the world. Nonetheless, it is galling that Hootie is still in a position of power.

And I was one froth away from foaming at the mouth over the 'Wait until the first time Hayley Wickenheiser takes a hit and collapses," song sung by so many men.

Wickenheiser is of course the Canadian Olympic hockey star now playing for the Salamat team in Finland, where she has indeed taken some hits, happily won most of her face-offs, scored a couple of goals, not collapsed and seems to be doing just fine, thank you.

I did, however, manage a snicker when a sports writer for one of our national newspapers referred to Hayley as a "hockey starlet."

It was a very small snicker.

Actually, I kicked all the tires on my lovely blue Beetle before I snickered. They needed kicking because there was a small ton of frozen snow glued to each one of them. Felt good.

I think I'm doing quite well here with my irkedness.

Dammit, let's try this one--Annika Sorenstam. She is about to become the first woman permitted to play in the PGA Tour's Colonial golf tournament in May.

Now before I get even more umbraged about the idea that in the year 2003. women are still magnanimously being "permitted" and "allowed" to play with the boys, I'd like to point out how much I loathe golf. Almost as much as I hate curling.

But back to Annika. My initial delight at her playing in the PGA was tempered only a little by a radio poll titled, "Should Annika Sorenstam be permitted to play in the PGA?" Permitted? Dear goddess. My ovaries hurt. Back about 1917, "permitted" and "allowed" had considerable relevance. Women did not have the vote, and finally, after much controversy over whether doing so would harm their ability to bear children (maybe that was horseback riding-- whatever), they were "permitted" to do so. And at some point they were "allowed" into medical schools.

But all of that was in another century.

This, for all the Neanderthals out there, is 2003.

And please note that some of today's Cro-Magnons are quite young. Like Tiger Woods, for example, who, commenting on Sorenstam's playing in the PGA said, "I think it's great she's playing, but ... it will only be great for women's golf if she plays well."

The Tiger burbled on, "I think if she goes out there and posts two high scores, I think it's going to be more detrimental than it's going to be good."

In other words, if she blows it, she'll blow it for all women and if she doesn't make the cut, then it's going to be harder than ever for women to play with the boys.

Did I mention I am pissed by this whole sports and women thing?

You don't suppose it's a metaphor for a ton of other boys clubs?

Like politics and business and ...

Surely not.

Lyn Cockbum is Editorial Page Editor at The Winnipeg Sun.
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Title Annotation:women and professional sports
Author:Cockburn, Lyn
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Date:Mar 22, 2003
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