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Multi-residue Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticides in Cocoa Beans(Theobroma cacao) and Soils from Ondo, Nigeria. Ihedioha Janefrances N., Ejalonibu Murtala A. and Ekere Nwachukwu R. Dec 31, 2020 7863
THE TROUBLE WITH TICKS. DiBiase, Matthew Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2020 318
Government petitions to withdraw toxic pesticides in use in Kirinyaga and Murang'a counties. Oct 8, 2020 596
Balancing Forage Production, Seed Yield, and Pest Management in the Perennial Sunflower Silphiutn integrifoliutn (Asteraceae). Vilela, Alejandra E.; Gonzalez-Paleo, Luciana; Ravetta, Damian A.; Murrell, Ebony G.; Van Tassel, Da Oct 1, 2020 8625
Effectiveness of Biocidal Paint Containing Permethrin, Ultramarine and Violet 23 Against Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in Laboratories and Poultry Houses. Dzik, Sara; Mituniewicz, Tomasz Report Sep 1, 2020 5461
Application and Evaluation of Novel Chromatographic Techniques to Detect and Quantitate 108 Pesticides and Metabolites in Muscle Samples From Wild Birds of Prey. Sabater, Mikel; Castillo, Mercedes; Gonzalez, Carmen; Perez, Maria Luisa; Lopez, Irene Report Sep 1, 2020 6657
OP-ED: Understanding our dengue woes. Aug 8, 2020 1064
A Child with Severe Paraesthesia due to Pyrethroid Exposure: Successful Treatment with Topical Vitamin E/Piretroid Temasina Bagli Ciddi Parestezisi Olan Bir Cocuk Olgu: Topikal Vitamin E ile Basarili Bir Tedavi. Caglar, Aykut; Er, Anil; Ulusoy, Emel; Akgul, Fatma; Besin, Dorukhan; Apa, Hursit Aug 1, 2020 1339
Canine Leishmaniosis Control through the Promotion of Preventive Measures Appropriately Adopted by Citizens. Simonato, Giulia; Marchiori, Erica; Marcer, Federica; Ravagnan, Silvia; Danesi, Patrizia; Montarsi, Report Jul 31, 2020 4079
ID DERMATOLOGY: Advancements, and new challenges, over 50 years. Otto, M. Alexander Jul 1, 2020 2200
Important health reminders from HSHS during active tick season. submitted by hshs Jun 24, 2020 612
A Rare Cause of Healthcare-associated Infection in a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit/Bir Cocuk Enfeksiyon Hastaliklari Biriminde Saglik Hizmeti Iliskili Enfeksiyonun Nadir Bir Nedeni. Durmus, Sevgi Yasar; Tanir, Gonul; Oz, Fatma Nur; Kaman, Ayse; Teke, Turkan Aydin Jun 1, 2020 670
Insecticide Dangers: Common household products may be bad for more than bugs. May 1, 2020 663
Mosquito Control Activities during Local Transmission of Zika Virus, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA, 2016. McAllister, Janet C.; Porcelli, Mario; Medina, Johana M.; Delorey, Mark J.; Connelly, C. Roxanne; Go May 1, 2020 4615
The Current Insecticide Resistance in Main Malaria Vector Anopheles arabiensis in Yemen. Koleeby, Zalalham Al-; Aboudi, Ahmed El; Assada, Mithaq; Hadi, Mohamed Al-; Ahman, Mohammed Abdalr; Apr 30, 2020 3303
Impact of Insecticide Resistance on P. falciparum Vectors' Biting, Feeding, and Resting Behaviour in Selected Clusters in Teso North and South Subcounties in Busia County, Western Kenya. Githinji, Edward K.; Irungu, Lucy W.; Ndegwa, Paul N.; Machani, Maxwell G.; Amito, Richard O.; Kemei Report Apr 30, 2020 8359
DIY VETS ARE A THREAT TO PETS; Taking web tips to dodge costly bills can killEXCLUSIVE. Keith Perry Mar 15, 2020 515
DIY VETS ARE A THREAT TO PETS; Taking web tips to dodge costly bills can kill. EXCLUSIVE by Keith Perry Mar 15, 2020 482
Species Composition, Phenotypic and Genotypic Resistance Levels in Major Malaria Vectors in Teso North and Teso South Subcounties in Busia County, Western Kenya. Githinji, Edward K.; Irungu, Lucy W.; Ndegwa, Paul N.; Machani, Maxwell G.; Amito, Richard O.; Kemei Report Mar 1, 2020 11209
Hidradenitis suppurativa, a rare skin disease. Javaid Iqbal Khattak and Uzma Zahid Report Feb 22, 2020 1341
Ecological Risk Assessment of Soil Heavy Metals and Pesticide Residues in Tea Plantations. He, Haifang; Shi, Longqing; Yang, Guang; You, Minsheng; Vasseur, Liette Feb 1, 2020 5709
Council hears concerns, approves stop signs Council: New recycling. Ellen Christner correspondent Jan 29, 2020 672
Amid virus fears, rules for cleaning planes tightened. Jan 27, 2020 922
State runs out of options as locusts eat more crops. Jan 24, 2020 562
Scabies: Refine your exam, avoid these diagnostic pitfalls: Nearly half of all infections are missed when first examined. Attentiveness to specific details, particularly in 3 common scenarios, can help ensure an accurate Dx. Paul, Deborah Jan 1, 2020 3642
A Comparative Study of Field Nematode Communities over a Decade of Cotton Production in Australia. Knox, Oliver; Backhouse, David; Gupta, Vadakattu Jan 1, 2020 6388
Efficacy of Ivermectin, Liquid Paraffin, and Carbaryl against Mange of Farmed Rabbits in Central Kenya. Ogolla, Kennedy O.; Chebet, Joyce; Waruiru, Robert M.; Gathumbi, Peter K.; Okumu, Paul O.; Aboge, Ga Dec 31, 2019 5354
Global Flea and Tick Product Market Report 2019-2024: Product Innovations & Growth in Awareness about Zoonotic Diseases. Report Dec 20, 2019 939
The cytotoxicity and insecticidal activity of extracts from Delphinium formosum Boiss. & Huet. Sen-Utsukarci, Burcu; Tabanca, Nurhayat; Estep, Alden S.; Akbal-Dagistan, Ozlem; Kessler, Sonja M.; Dec 1, 2019 4528
The cytotoxicity and insecticidal activity of extracts from Delphinium formosum Boiss. & Huet. Sen-Utsukarci, Burcu; Tabanca, Nurhayat; Estep, Alden S.; Akbal-Dagistan, Ozlem; Kessler, Sonja M.; Dec 1, 2019 4520
Acute Exposure to Permethrin Modulates Behavioral Functions, Redox, and Bioenergetics Parameters and Induces DNA Damage and Cell Death in Larval Zebrafish. Nunes, Mauro Eugenio Medina; Schimith, Lucia Emanueli; da Costa-Silva, Dennis Guilherme; Lopes, Andr Nov 30, 2019 12536
Pruritic Crusted Scabies in an Immunocompetent Infant. Leung, Alexander K.C.; Leong, Kin Fon; Lam, Joseph M. Nov 30, 2019 2284
Global Pyrethroids Market: Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast (2019-2024). Nov 20, 2019 788
North America Insect Repellent (Synthetic & Natural) Market Report 2019-2025. Report Nov 14, 2019 779
Milking It: "Organic dairy means no use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, or conventional pesticides.... The health and natural behavior of cows are prioritized, with holistic and preventative care practices as a primary management strategy.". McNeil, Maggie Nov 1, 2019 1247
Injection Molding Machine Market and its key opportunities and challenges. Oct 15, 2019 689
Easy Ways To Prevent Lyme Arthritis. Darwin Malicdem Oct 4, 2019 436
Global Benzaldehyde Market Proclivities Reveal Increased Contribution by Leading Players towards Rev. Oct 3, 2019 819
Sustainable Intensification of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Production by Seed Priming, Seed Treatment and Fertilizer Microdosing under Different Rainfall Regimes in Mali. Coulibaly, Adama; Woumou, Kamkam; Aune, Jens B. Oct 1, 2019 9099
Localized Outbreaks of Epidemic Polyarthritis among Military Personnel Caused by Different Sublineages of Ross River Virus, Northeastern Australia, 2016-2017. Liu, Wenjun; Kizu, Joanne R.; Le Grand, Luke R.; Moller, Christopher G.; Carthew, Tracy L.; Mitchell Oct 1, 2019 5904
Rapid Screening of Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes for Susceptibility to Insecticides as Part of Zika Emergency Response, Puerto Rico. Hemme, Ryan R.; Vizcaino, Lucrecia; Harris, Angela F.; Felix, Gilberto; Kavanaugh, Michael; Kenney, Oct 1, 2019 1890
Global Benzaldehyde Market Forecast Based on Industry Size and Upcoming Trends Analysis through 2019. Sep 27, 2019 845
Blanket pesticides ban could cut food production - farmers. Sep 26, 2019 534
Benzaldehyde Market Sales Reach New Heights with Manufacturers Reinventing their Business Models. Report Sep 12, 2019 614
Head Lice: Shocking Reasons Why Kids Get Reinfected. Sep 11, 2019 370
Why are my hands itchy? Sep 10, 2019 259
Why are my hands itchy? 28 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 10.09.2019 DMUULS DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Helping to keep you fit and healthy @MiriamStoppard. Sep 10, 2019 259
Benzaldehyde Market: Influential Factors Determining the Trajectory of the Market. Sep 6, 2019 674
Innovative Preventive and Resilience Approaches Against Aedes-linked Vector-borne Arboviral Diseases Threat and Epidemics Burden in Gulf Council Countries. Tambo, Ernest; Dessouky, Ashraf G. El; Khater, Emad I.M. Sep 1, 2019 2774
'Tick Kits' available for Kane County residents. Medical condition overview Aug 24, 2019 551
Farmers use killer chemicals to grow food, study finds. Aug 21, 2019 543
Symptoms vary when ticks transmit Lyme disease. Aug 19, 2019 572
Recommendations Developed for Management of Lyme Disease; Public comment period for these guidelines has been extended 30 days to Sept. 9, 2019. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 16, 2019 259
'Offal' sights: Authorities make arrangements to remove offal. Aug 11, 2019 920
Clinical presentation and risk factors of increased scabies cases in the Western region of Saudi Arabia in 2016-2018. Jastaniah, Mohammed Wasil A.; Zimmo, Ziad Faisal K.; Bakallah, Mazen Waleed S.; Hantoush, Mohannad S Aug 1, 2019 4986
Resistance of House Fly, Musca domestica L. Wang, Jin-Na; Hou, Juan; Wu, Yu-Yan; Guo, Song; Liu, Qin-Mei; Li, Tian-Qi; Gong, Zhen-Yu Jul 31, 2019 5643
Sterol Carrier Protein Inhibition-Based Control of Mosquito Vectors: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives. Perera, Hirunika; Wijerathna, Tharaka Jul 31, 2019 5069
Lice products are reformulated and modernized. Jul 8, 2019 1594
It's Mosquito Season: Here's How to Protect Yourself. Jul 4, 2019 443
The Battle Against Fleas and Ticks: Choose a brand easy to use and safe for your dog. Jul 1, 2019 1390
Scabies rates plummeted with community mass drug administration in Fiji. Oakes, Kari Jul 1, 2019 955
Discovery and development of pyrethroid insecticides. Matsuo, Noritada Jul 1, 2019 8544
Bullous scabies presenting as bullous pemphigoid-a case report. Report Jun 30, 2019 1115
An Analytical Survey of Trace Heavy Elements in Insecticides. Alnuwaiser, Maha Abdallah Jun 30, 2019 4222
The Potential of Huwa-San TR50 as an Acaricide for Controlling Hyalomma dromedarii (Koch) and Hyalomma impeltatum (Schulze and Schlottke) (Acari: Ixodidae). Alhewairini, Saleh S.; Al-Azzazy, Mahmoud M. Report Jun 30, 2019 5259
Healing with Homeopathy: Travel Smart and Stay Healthy... Naturally! Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth Jun 1, 2019 2774
Consider examining nails in cases of relapsing scabies. Pivovarov, Jill D. Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 682
Consider examining nails in cases of relapsing scabies. Pivovarov, Jill D. Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 682
It's tick season; be prepared. May 20, 2019 400
Rhymin' pediatric dermatologist provides Demodex tips. Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2019 472
Don't miss baby scabies. Otto, M. Alexander May 1, 2019 368
Bug Barrier: Suit up right and enjoy bug-free fishing. Roberts, Brenton May 1, 2019 528
Put Pests to Rest. May 1, 2019 236
Synergistic Effect of Fungus Metarhizium anisopliae and Slow Acting Toxicants Fipronil and Imidacloprid against Subterranean Termites. Riaz, Ambash; Rasib, Khalid Zamir; Raza, Shahid May 1, 2019 4700
Evaluation of some Synthetic Pyrethroids and Piperonyl Butoxide Combinations against Turkish House Fly (Musca domestica L.) Populations. Cetin, Huseyin; Kocak, Oner; Oz, Emre; Koc, Samed; Polat, Yesim; Arikan, Kalender Report Apr 30, 2019 3265
Short Communication - Profile of Scabies in Males Residing in the Vicinity of Baqai Medical University, Karachi. Khatoon, Nasira; Khan, Aly; Shahid, S.S.; Saify, Z.S.; Azmi, M. Arshad; Khan, Wali Report Apr 30, 2019 1215
Toxicity and Effects of Nimolcine (Neem Compound) and Acorus calamus on Cholinesterase Enzyme of Callosobruchus analis in Comparison with Chemical Pesticides. Gul, Nighat; Khan, M. Farhanullah; Saif-Ud-Din; Nafees, Maisoor Ahmed Technical report Apr 30, 2019 3285
Epigenetic Memory of Early-Life Parental Perturbation: Dopamine Decrease and DNA Methylation Changes in Offspring. Bordoni, Laura; Nasuti, Cinzia; Di Stefano, Antonio; Marinelli, Lisa; Gabbianelli, Rosita Mar 31, 2019 7016
Scabies: 7 natural treatments that work fast. Mar 28, 2019 1107
Claim over treatment of skin condition goes to jury. Oct 28, 2018 762
Hemato-Biochemical Alterations and Management of Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis. Kumar, Kamal; Agrawal, Rajesh; Pande, Nishi; Singh, Rajiv Jul 1, 2018 2142
Diagnosis and Management of Canine Demodicosis - A Field Study. Thakur, Monika; Ranaut, Shilpa; Ranaut, Nishant Jul 1, 2018 1562
Mosquito Repellents for Zika. Kaye, Rachel J.; Diaz, James H.; Jones, Mark R.; Kaye, Alan D. Report Jul 1, 2018 3240
KEEP BUGS AT BAY! Cartoon Jul 1, 2018 253
Current Status of Aedes aegypti Insecticide Resistance Development from Banjarmasin, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Hamid, P.H.; Ninditya, V.I.; Prastowo, J.; Haryanto, A.; Taubert, A.; Hermosilla, C. Jan 1, 2018 5140
Insecticide Resistance and Its Intensity in Populations of Malaria Vectors in Colombia. Orjuela, Lorena I.; Morales, Juliana A.; Ahumada, Martha L.; Rios, Juan F.; Gonzalez, John J.; Yanez Jan 1, 2018 6389
Evidence of Insecticide Resistance to Pyrethroids and Bendiocarb in Anopheles funestus from Tsararano, Marovoay District, Madagascar. Rakotondranaivo, Tsiriniaina; Randriamanarivo, Solohery Fanomezana; Tanjona, Mihajarilala Rakotoniai Jan 1, 2018 6031
Insecticide Resistance Associated with kdr Mutations in Aedes albopictus: An Update on Worldwide Evidences. Auteri, Michelangelo; La Russa, Francesco; Blanda, Valeria; Torina, Alessandra Jan 1, 2018 7614
Essential Oils as Repellents against Arthropods. Lee, Mi Young Jan 1, 2018 7560
Permethrin Susceptibility for the Vector Culex tarsalis and a Nuisance Mosquito Aedes vexans in an Area Endemic for West Nile Virus. Vincent, Geoffrey P.; Davis, Justin K.; Wimberly, Michael C.; Carlson, Christopher D.; Hildreth, Mic Jan 1, 2018 4800
Development of a Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridge Based on Chitosan-Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (Ch-MO NPs) for Extraction of Pesticides from Water and Determination by HPLC. Badawy, Mohamed E.I.; Nouby, Mahmoud A.M. El-; Marei, Abd El-Salam M. Jan 1, 2018 11814
Determination of Pyrethroids in Tea Brew by GC-MS Combined with SPME with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Coated Fiber. Ren, Dongxia; Sun, Chengjun; Ma, Guanqun; Yang, Danni; Zhou, Chen; Xie, Jiayu; Li, Yongxin Jan 1, 2018 4840
The Use of Insecticide-Treated Curtains for Control of Aedes aegypti and Dengue Virus Transmission in "Fraccionamiento" Style Houses in Mexico. Lorono-Pino, Maria A.; Uitz-Mena, Ana; Carrillo-Solis, Claudia M.; Zapata-Gil, Rocio J.; Camas-Tec, Jan 1, 2018 14119
Self-Limiting OX513A Aedes aegypti Demonstrate Full Susceptibility to Currently Used Insecticidal Chemistries as Compared to Indian Wild-Type Aedes aegypti. Patil, Prabhakargouda B.; Gorman, Kevin J.; Dasgupta, Shaibal K.; Reddy, K.V. Seshu; Barwale, Shiris Jan 1, 2018 4855
Side Effects of Pyrethroid and Supporting Role of Onion in the Male Rat's Spermatogenesis. Khaki, Arash; Rajabzadeh, Asghar; Khaki, Amir Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2017 835
Malaria Prophylaxis. Diaz, James H. Report Sep 1, 2017 5737
A 44-Year-Old Woman with Rash. Plauche, H. Martin; Lambert, Stephen; Grisoli, Stratton; Souyoul, Skylar; Guillory, Shane; Lopez, Fr Clinical report Sep 1, 2017 1729
Lyme disease: integrative approaches to treating tick-borne disease. Puotinen, C.J. Reprint Jul 1, 2016 2770
Comparison of in vitro susceptibility of Sarcoptes scabiei var.hominis to topical 5%permethrin and topical 1% ivermectin. Jun 30, 2016 3852
ID consult: infection prevention in the office. Bryant, Kristina K. Report Oct 1, 2015 1521
Efficacy of permethrin treated bed nets against Leishmania major infected sand flies. Rowland, Tobin; Davidson, Silas A.; Kobylinski, Kevin; Menses, Claudio; Rowton, Edgar Report Jul 1, 2015 3264
Behavior of maize weevil at doses of permethrin/Comportamento do gorgulho-do-milho frente as doses de permetrina. Silva, Luciana Barboza; Silva, Leonardo Santana; Mancin, Adriana Cristina; Carvalho, Gabriel Santos; Report Mar 1, 2013 4778
A comparison of efficacy of single topical permethrin and single oral ivermectin in the treatment of scabies. Saqib, Munazza; Malik, Lamees Mehmood; Jahangir, Muhammad Report Mar 31, 2012 3027
Susceptibility of Blissus insularis (heteroptera: hemiptera: blissidae) populations in Florida to bifenthrin and permethrin. Vazquez, Cara; Royalty, Reed N.; Buss, Eileen A. Report Sep 1, 2011 6425
Comparison of efficacy and safety of oral ivermectin with topical permethrin in treatment of scabies. Mushtaq, Aisha; Khurshid, Khawar; Pal, Sabrina Suhail Report Dec 31, 2010 2578
Military uniforms now provide reliable protection from mosquitoes. Bernier, Ulrich Brief article Aug 1, 2009 197
Is permethrin 5% cream effective for rosacea? (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters). Swenor, M. Elizabeth Mar 1, 2003 654
Measurement and prediction of permethrin persistence in six Malaysian agricultural soils. Ismail, B.S.; Kailasam, Kalithasan Sep 1, 2002 4098
Fighting the insect enemy in Somalia. Adams, Sean Aug 1, 1993 629
Body lice licked by tick killer. Jul 1, 1989 259
Head lice: one dose does it. Sagall, Richard J. Product/Service Evaluation Sep 1, 1988 201

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