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Permeability testers.

PBI-Dansensor America, Inc. has announced its Lyssy OPT-5000 oxygen and Lyssy L80-5000 water vapor permeability testers that are said to have high reliability, repeatability and ease of operation. The sensitivity and versatility of the OPT-5000 Oxygen Permeability Tester with automated temperature control and single- or dual-side relative humidity control accommodates a wide range of laboratory and production applications. Specially designed test sample holders are said to eliminate the need for grease or other lubricant fixatives. The oxygen transmission rate (OTR) is provided directly on the screen in ml/[m.sup.2]. Test documentation with error loggings is completely traceable. Accuracy and a broad testing range for water vapor permeability on the L80-5000 extends from 0.03 to 10,000 g/m. The Lyssy is said to provide a sensitive and reliable humidity sensor with a large linear range that measures samples directly within the test chamber. The close-to-gravimetric testing process measures the time required for the upper chamber humidity to increase within a predefined interval caused by the permeation of water vapor through the test film or foil. This static test approximates real life conditions and does not require extractive sampling or carrier gas. PBI-Dansensor America, Inc.


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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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