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PerkinElmer to Acquire Vivid Technologies.

Wellesley and Woburn, MA, 10/5/99-PerkinElmer (EG&G) announced it will acquire Vivid Technologies, a supplier of automated explosive detection systems used in airports and high-security facilities. Vivid shareholders will receive one share of PerkinElmer common stock for each 6.2 shares of Vivid common stock, putting the estimated value of the stock merger at $62.5 million. PerkinElmer plans to consolidate Vivid with its Astrophysics security business and use it to expand the company's presence in Europe and its maintenance and service revenue base. The transaction is expected to be finalized in the first quarter of 2000.

Vivid Technologies fits well with PerkinElmer from both a marketing and technology standpoint. PerkinElmer already has x-ray technology and several other optic techniques with which Vivid's product lines make a good match. PerkinElmer, through its Astrophysics division, has a strategic presence in the airport security market, particularly in Europe.
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Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:Oct 15, 1999
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