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Perkin-Elmer Corp. unveils global strategy, new products.

Perkin-Elmer Corp. Unveils Global Strategy, New Products Now a smaller company, but still by a wide margin the world's leader in analytical instrumentation with net sales of $838 million in 1990, Perkin-Elmer disclosed a major organizational realignment at its Wilton, Conn., headquarters in January. Chairman and CEO Gaynor N. Kelley announced that Perkin-Elmer's product lines have been grouped into four business units-Organic, Inorganic, Life Sciences, and New Ventures-each with global responsibility for product development, service, and profits. Manufacturing and engineering operations have been consolidated into one global unit, and a worldwide sales and service network has been established.

Riccardo Pugliucci, vice president, Perkin-Elmer Instruments, explained that with the $6-billion/yr instrument market divided approximately equally into three segments-North America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and the Far East-this move was an operational necessity. Pugliucci thinks the field in the 1990S will be much the same as in the 1980s, that is, advances in computer science leading to less costly instruments that are smaller, faster, and more accurate, have more sensitivity, and are easier to use. Areas of increased growth arising from these computer based advances will include quality control, on-line processing, routine environmental analysis, biotechnology, and, because of lower costs, academia. New "hyphenated" methods that combine two or more analytical techniques in one instrument, such as TGA-IR and ICP-MS, will continue to be introduced.

Perkin-Elmer introduced twenty products last year; Peter Barrett, vice president, Life Sciences Division, presented an even longer list for 1991. Introductions directly applicable to the plastics industry will be mainly software, although a near-infrared (NIR)-FT-Raman accessory to the FT-IR 1700 spectrophotometer promises to further analyses performed in the NIR, an important spectral region for polymers. PC software for hyphenated techniques, such as GCIR and TGA-IR, will also be introduced.

Applications to polymer analysis of the FT-IR infrared microscope were demonstrated on a FR-IR 1600 spectrophotometer. Introduced last year, the accessory has advanced Cassegrain optics for high performance and ease of use, and choice of 120x fixed magnification stereo, 120x to 840x zoom magnification stereo, or video microscope options. The FTIR 1600 is a compact, highly automated, but "affordable," instrument.

The new 7 Series/UNIX Software System offers complete automation and control of the 7 Series thermal analysis (TA) system modules. The software runs on a powerful 25-MHz, 80386-based DECstation PC/Workstation with 170-Mb hard disk, enabling users to operate several TA modules simultaneously while running TA software libraries or data analysis programs.

New software is being used in perhaps the oldest technique in organic chemistry, elemental analysis, for the rapid quantitative analysis of polymers, blends, and plasticizers. Computer control of the Perkin-Elmer 2400 CHN and 2410 Nitrogen elemental analyzers enables up to 60 samples to be run automatically, with the first results obtained in 4 to 5 minutes and all results automatically verified against standards. Historically, the plastics industry has used elemental analysis for the analysis of nitrogen and oxygen; this software has allowed it to be extended to quality control and production applications. -D.E Kates
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Title Annotation:corporate reorganization
Author:Kates, D.F.
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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